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it'll be a frosty Friday

It is unlikely or impossible (that something will ever occur). Sometimes followed by "in Hell," or "in July" or other hot places or times to add more emphasis. It'll be a frosty Friday when I sign over the lease of my land to you. It will be a frosty Friday in July before the two parties agree to anything.
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a frosty one

A cold glass, can, or bottle of beer. There's nothing better than a couple frosty ones after a hard day's work. Pass me another frosty one there, Jim.
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it'll be a frosty Friday (in July)

used to indicate that something is very unlikely to happen. Canadian informal
1990 Walter Stewart Right Church, Wrong Pew It would be a frosty Friday in the middle of July before he would discuss personal affairs with the press.
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1. and frosty one n. a beer; a cold beer. I need a frosty one after all that work. Hey, dude! How bout a frosty?
2. mod. cool; really cool and mellow. That music is really frosty.

frosty one

See frosty
See also: frosty, one
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stroke of luck Oyiz, on the right above, in the Frosties advert
There's Junior Collins, the prototypical manager who's devoted to the sport as a spectator--and who won't stop wearing a perfectly good Frosties jacket even after the team changes sponsors.
The same sized serving of Frosties (30g) provides 0.
I've got a packet of cookies, a banana, a Frosties bar, sandwiches and a juice drink.
The survey showed a single Frosties cereal and milk bar has 8g of sugar and a single tub of Munch Bunch fromage frais has 12.
Frosties are just Corn Flakes with sugar stuck on them and no amount of bleeting about how grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat they are is going to change that.
Joanne, from Netherton, says Chloe would often have Frosties or Coco Pops for breakfast and McDonalds on occasions.
Kellogg's has announced the launch of a reduced sugar version of its top selling Frosties breakfast cereal.
Under-18 favourites Rim Rockers went out in the semi-finals to Frosties, who met fellow Benfield residents Hall of Fame in the decider.
Parents now reckon Frosties are not so grrrr-eat for kids and could be axed in the obesity battle against sugary foods, says a report.
Concerns have been raised about the amount of sugar in kids' favourites such as Sugar Puffs and Frosties.
A cinema advert for Kellogg's Frosties cereal prompted a complaint from an audience member.