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be on bad terms (with someone)

To be in a state of utter disagreement, dislike, or contempt with someone. My ex-husband and I wanted to part amicably, but ever since the divorce started, we have been on really bad terms. I'm on bad terms with Stephanie ever since that argument.
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be on friendly terms with (someone)

To have a pleasant relationship with someone. I'm on friendly terms with Stephanie now—we reconciled after that argument. You should always try to be on friendly terms with your boss.
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be on good terms (with someone)

To have a friendly or pleasant relationship with someone. No, I'm on good terms with Stephanie now—we reconciled after that argument. You should always try to be on good terms with your boss. Anne and Paula had been fighting, but they're on good terms now.
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friendly fire

The firing of a weapon by one's own forces resulting in casualties of an ally or a member of one's own troops. Miscommunication between the two military units meant each was unaware of the other's presence in the area of conflict, resulting in friendly fire that led to the deaths of two soldiers.
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Officer Friendly

A police officer who is perceived as non-threatening due to his calm and amiable demeanor. Dale, I know you think aggression is the best way to get information, but you'd be surprised how easy it is to get people to talk to you when you're Officer Friendly. Stop yelling at me! I want Officer Friendly to do my interrogation!
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user friendly

Intuitive and straightforward for an average consumer or user to operate or make use of. Hyphenated if used before a noun. It's a very powerful piece of software, but it's not very user friendly. Our company has always prioritized making affordable, user-friendly machines.
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user friendly

Fig. easy to use. (Hyphenated before nominals.) The set-up instructions for the printer were very user friendly. I have a user-friendly computer that listens to my voice and does what I tell it.
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be on good, bad, friendly, etc. ˈterms (with somebody)

have a good, bad, friendly, etc. relationship with somebody: He’s not on very good terms with his wife’s family.I’m on first-name terms with my boss now (= we call each other by our first names).
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