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Freudian slip

Any inadvertent verbal or written mistake that reveals, or can be construed as revealing, an unconscious or repressed intention, belief, thought, attitude, etc. Named for the Sigmund Freud, considered the founding father of psychoanalysis, whose work largely focused on the unconscious and repressed elements of the human psyche. He said the wrong woman's name during his wedding ceremony, a Freudian slip that sent the bride-to-be into tears.
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a ˌFreudian ˈslip

a mistake in speaking or writing which shows what you really think or feel about somebody/something: ‘I’ve never loved, I mean I’ve never stopped loving, my mother.’ ‘Was that a Freudian slip?’This is named after Sigmund Freud.
See also: Freudian, slip
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As numerous writers have shown, the Freudian uncanny is a function of the Enlightenment: 'the sleep of Reason breeds monsters', in Goya's famous illustration.
The authors show firstly that Schopenhauer's 'will' can be read parallel with the Freudian 'id' and secondly, what implications can be drawn from their notions of the unconsciousness for the issue of freedom versus necessity and determinism.
"The somewhat authoritarian view of early work which was part of Freudian thinkingI don't think this is there at all anymore, because it doesn't work in today's world," said Dr.
Talvitie (an occupational psychologist based in Finland) explores Freudian conceptions of the unconscious in light of the empirical and theoretical work of cognitive science and evolutionary theory.
To the Freudian circle Webster adds another one--the difficulties of romance in her young heroine's life.
In Freudian language, they will not deal with the "manifest" issues but go hunting for the "latent" motivations they suppose you to have.
From an understanding of how the unconscious operates in both Freudian and outside of Freudian realms to how the classic Hawaiian hula dance draws in spiritual force and connections, THE SACRED POWER OF HUNA provides plenty of in-depth observations.
The age was the postwar period, filled with anxiety, shocked by the atom bomb, changed by machines, immersed in Freudian theory and psychoanalysis, swinging with improvisational jazz.
In an arresting example of the psychological misfire commonly called a "Freudian slip," Rice once publicly referred to Mr.
Robert Pincus-Witten argued that, in the paintings with which Fischl made his name, the artist was illustrating Freudian themes with irony, whether intentional or not.
The viewpoint is rigidly Freudian. I couldn't believe the amount of sexual innuendo she read into George Balanchine's middle period ballets The Four Temperaments, Agon, and Episodes.
Borrowing the Freudian concept of "melancholia," Gilroy attempts to exorcise the British attachment to global grandeur that, by this account, has metastasized into a social pathology directed at blacks, immigrants, and the very idea of multiculturalism.
Again and again, he juxtaposes the traditional Freudian and fresher Darwinian models and compares their vocabularies and practices (e.g., talking vs.
I'm not even bothered if the artist is Freud, Freudian, sub-Freudian, or indeed not very good at all
In this original, succinct, and highly relevant book, Celia Britton carefully unravels the nature of this contradiction and traces the various distortions and reformulations of Freudian thought within the Antillean context.