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The recent publication of two excellent novels--Christophe Bataille's Absinthe and Pierre Michon's Masters and Servants (in superb translations by Richard Howard and Wyatt Alexander Mason, respectively)--attests to the fact that, despite this eclipse, contemporary French letters are alive and well.
He has since established himself solidly in French letters, a period not covered here--as a critic at Le Nouvel Observateur; a onetime member of the publisher Gallimard's comite de lecture, which helps select volumes for publication; and as literary correspondent for Le Monde.
Biographer, novelist, essayist, children's writer, and prominent personality in French letters for 50 years.
The promise to marry, the basic premise of Don Juan's seductions is either completely missing from the French letters, or occurs only at the very end of the correspondence; in the Spanish letters, the promise initiates correspondence.
Louis XIV opposed the movement, whose influence was felt at court, in society, and in French letters (see Port - Royal ), and the Jansenists were finally put down by Pope Clement XI in his bull Unigenitus (1713).
French Letters In The Sand, Get It On, 99 Red Balloons (Ronnie Munro).
In 1879 he published the novel Aziyade anonymously and began one of the more remarkable public lives in French letters.
In her fascinating literary biography, Bouchardeau seeks to assure Triolet her rightful place in the pantheon of French letters.
70-71); and finally, "Unlike his contemporaries Baudelaire, Rimbaud and Verlaine, Hugo has received little credit for preparing the religious revival in French letters during the first half of the twentieth century.
French windows are just the same, made of glass, nice and see-through; French letters are also remarkably similar, although they do have one which is like an o and an e fused together.
We make only two exceptions in our campaign: David Ginola is a nice bloke and you can still use French letters.
Helene Cixous is one of the most widely recognized names in contemporary French letters, a laureate of the Prix Medicis (1969), well known to students, scholars, and critics of French.
Well, there's champagne, foie gras, cheese, Brigitte Bardot, 'Allo 'Allo, French kissing, French letters.
Three collections of Anne Hebert's poetry within as many years, of which one is a translation, attest to her continuing importance for contemporary French letters and for world literature.