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1. noun, slang A shortening of "fraternity," a social organization for male undergraduate students. I have no plans to join a frat in college—that lifestyle just doesn't appeal to me.
2. adjective, slang Relating to such a group. I went to a frat party last night, and it was pretty lame, honestly. If you're looking for Mike, you might want to check the frat house—he's usually there in the afternoons.

frat rat

slang "Frat" is a shortening of "fraternity," a social organization within a college or university designated by Greek letters and consisting of male members.
1. A member of a fraternity who encourages or engages in illegal activities, especially hazing rituals. We don't tolerate frat rats here. If you want to be a member of this fraternity, then you're in it to promote the values of respect, brotherhood, and community. You are not here to get wasted and demean others. He and 11 other frat rats have been booked in relation to the death of an 18-year-old pledge during a hazing ritual.
2. A person, usually a female college student and especially a member of a sorority, who spends a large amount of time socializing at a particular fraternity. Sarah has become a total frat rat over at ΦΨΩ. She spends more time there than she does in her own sorority!
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1. n. a fraternity. (Collegiate.) Are you going to join a frat?
2. mod. having to do with fraternities and their members. (Collegiate.) Is there a frat party tonight?


n. a college fraternity member. (Derogatory.) The frat rats had a kegger that ended up a brawl.
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But the key flaw in numerical FRATs is they encourage a lazy and hands-off approach to risk analysis.
Further, any numerical-based FRAT could tempt the pilot to fudge the score by downgrading a risk to bring the final score to an acceptable level.
A flight risk assessment tool (FRAT) weights the risks and mitigating factors associated with a flight.
People can better understand cancelling a flight when blaming the FRAT. It's hard to tell someone, "I'm not really comfortable with the ceilings," versus, "the flight risk assessment tool says the flight is too dangerous to accomplish right now." The second statement places the blame on the conditions and the FRAT, not the pilot.
The need for change is being recognized by the nation's frats. "Actively encouraging and promoting our students to better understand the dynamics of sexual assault and hazing is ...
The FAA calls SMS a "formal, top-down business approach to managing safety risk, which includes a systemic approach to managing safety, including the necessary organizational structures, accountabilities, policies and procedures." As such, it may be a suitable complement to FRATs and other pre- and in-flight tools.
A flight-risk assessment tool (FRAT) can streamline this process, but it shouldn't be used mechanically.
After along, fruitless initial search, co-directors Todd Phillips and Andrew Gurland (who previously produced the Al Goldstein doc "Screwed" together) found Beta Chi, a seemingly East Coast frat willing to let them shoot the process that new pledges go through.
It's amazing this frat allowed itself to be filmed at all, given the moronic pack mentality placed on unflattering display.
It must also be emphasized that there's a lot of diversity among and within fraternities, contrary to the stereotypical image of the 'frat man.' (In fairness to Upsilon, I don't think any of their brods I know are capable of saying the words in #LonsiLeaks, and many were quick to disavow them.)
There will also be a wider net of accountability so that all frat officers will be held accountable for the actions of their members, whether or not they participate in the hazing.
The bill eliminates 'levels' of physical violence and participation-whether a frat member is a bystander but does not stop his brothers from inflicting violence on neophytes.
The phone, now subject to digital forensic examination, could help establish the identities of the frat men in the first group, said Supt.
It was his way of exempting me from frat membership.
Most importantly, what it may suffer in narrative coherence it makes up for with a first-rate cast -- the reliably funny Rogen, the game-for-anything Rose Byrne, and in the most pleasant surprise, a truly excellent Zac Efron as an immature, narcissistic, vindictive and, by the way, unbelievably buff frat leader whose obnoxious brio might just be masking deeper issues.