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lingua franca

Any language used to bridge the gap between people who do not speak the same language. English is the lingua franca in many foreign tourist destinations.
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a ˌlingua ˈfranca

(from Italian) a shared language that is used for communication by people whose main languages are different: In the middle of the 20th century, English became the lingua franca of the world.The majority of our group being South American, we used Spanish as a lingua franca.
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Franca herself understood this unstoppable drive for perfection.
Referring to the incident in Maharashtra Legislative Assembly where SP legislator Abu Azmi was manhandled for taking oath in Hindi, Singhal said humiliating the lingua franca is an open treason and its violators should be punished.
"The partnership we are celebrating today by and between PI Parks and El Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona, a leading Spanish company whose history goes back to 1916, is aligned to Egypt's national strategic plan for industrial development and will target diverse and major sectors such as construction engineering, food processing, building material, chemicals, medical equipment and textiles," he said.
How a fiercely isolationist Brazilian tribe slowly opened itself up to the outside world is the subject of Belisario Franea's captivating "Xavante Strategy." In the 1970s, a wise leader sent eight boys to live in Brazilian society so they could become advocates for their people; 34 years later, Franca tells their story.
Until her retirement from NBC in 1975, Franca battled successfully against the odds to establish a classical ballet repertory company.
The book of edited essays by Donna Gabaccia and Franca Iacovetta, accurately entitled Women, Gender and Transnational Lives; Italian Workers of the World, is an important contribution to the recent literature on Italian mass migration, and especially on the role of women in it.
The concept of an original Uralic lingua franca is obviously very appealing and, as A.
Nell'articolo su Salvatore Di Giacomo, Franca Angelini mette in evidenza la capacita dello scrittore di fondere "immagine pesante e leggerezza d'espressione, basso e alto, presente e passato, parola e canto" (39).
Farrell has had full and frank discussions with them both over many years and the whole work is underpinned by the phenomenal archival powers of Franca Rame, who claims to have kept every relevant document, cutting, script, photograph, programme etc...
She then returned to New York City and penned "Faith No More: The Campus Crusade for Secular Humanism," a full-length feature article and Lingua Franca's October cover story.
Behind me, Franca's rapid reflections competing with the agitation of her clippers; in front of me, a bank of magazine images, courtesy of Oggi, a garbled gallery of Gianni's life, lived in the fast lane, the fellowship of the Faberge bauble - Gianni glittering, Gianni with Sting and Madonna - and then, finally, Gianni prostrate before the high escutcheoned gates, in the shadow of the sandstone mansion, his head oozing a profuse, misshapen profile of blood.
On the evening in question Franca had just finished Don Miguel de Cervantes' novella, The Dog's Colloquy,(1) which Fina had read long ago in Rosaura's study and almost knew by heart.
Scholars of Arabic and Islamic studies examine Qur'anic quotations in the three most important corpora of papyrus and parchment documents from the imperial and lingua franca periods (632-1000) preserved in original letters, agreements, and amulets.
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