Forget it!

forget (about) it

1. To not expect something to work or happen. Often used as an imperative. If it's a pay raise you're looking for, you can just forget about it. Forget it, there's no way we could get up there without better equipment.
2. Nevermind; I am not going to explain further. Forget about it. I don't want to talk about it. You know what, just forget it. I'm sorry I ever mentioned it.
3. Don't mention it; it was nothing. A response to someone thanking one. A: "Thank you again for your help yesterday." B: "Forget it, I was happy to lend a hand."
4. Don't worry about it; don't consider it a problem. You're still thinking about that? I told you I'm over it. Forget about it.
5. An expression used to indicate that what has just been mentioned is superlative or extreme, and perhaps cannot be put into words. Their wedding ceremony was already a bit weird, but the reception? Forget about it! They were good last year, but with the new draft pick? Forget about it!
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Forget (about) it!

1. Inf. Drop the subject!; Never mind!; Don't bother me with it. Jane: Then, there's this matter of the unpaid bills. Bill: Forget it! You'll have to pay them all! Sally: What's this I hear about you and Tom? Sue: Forget about it! I don't want to talk to you about it.
2. Inf. Nothing. Sue: What did you say? Mary: Forget it! Tom: Now I'm ready to go. Sue: Excuse me? Tom: Oh, nothing. Just forget it.
3. Inf. You're welcome.; It was nothing. John: Thank you so much for helping me! Bill: Oh, forget it!' Bob: We're all very grateful to you for coming into work today on your day off. Mary: Forget about it! No problem!
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Forget it!

1. exclam. Never mind, it wasn’t important! I had an objection, but just forget it!
2. exclam. Never mind, it was no trouble at all! No trouble at all. Forget it!
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The midfielder reflected: "Everyone keeps reminding me of it - I am still trying to forget it
He said: "All I can say is that once you taste a Puffle Waffle, you will never forget it
The new passion wagon is a millennium jump into the world of quantum physics, buttons and knobs, digital readouts, bleeps and whistles, automatic, everything electric and unless you have an understanding of theoretical nuclear fission, forget it
It is alarming when first noticed, but as I say, you will never forget it
Traveling around one of the most beautiful countries in the world, soaking up the culture, and studying their agricultural practices-1 will never forget it
And as for eating at the top table with the giants of Premier League football, forget it
color-changing lip gloss, XXXL Shine Nudes lip gloss, Stay With Me long-lasting lip gloss, glossy lip balm, I Love Extreme volume mascara, Stay All Day long-lasting eye shadow, mono and "quattro" eye shadows, Silky Touch blush, Forget It
Let's face it, your dad won't stick the sawhorse you made in a drawer and forget it
I also played against Viking Stavanger in Norway but had a stinker in that one and have tried to forget it
But Arsene, for goodness sake, shake his hand and forget it
Many times we have spoken on the phone since that day and although he says it is in the past, I tell him I cannot forget it
This article shows true learning, and we must never forget it
Just think: How long ago was it that girls were playing two-court basketball with six on a side, that women's teams in soccer and lacrosse were unheard of, volleyball was a pit-pat game, and track -- forget it
Visit Narnia in one of these books, and you'll never forget it