follow your nose

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follow (one's) nose

1. To walk straight ahead (thus walking in the direction that one's nose is facing). A: "Should I turn here?" B: "No, follow your nose and keep walking in a straight line—you'll be at my house soon enough."
2. To follow a scent, in an attempt to find its source. I thought I smelled something baking, so I followed my nose down to the kitchen and found my mom icing a cake!
3. To trust one's instinct when making a judgment or decision or taking action. I tend to follow my nose when I have a bad feeling about someone, and it's helped me to avoid a lot of drama.
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follow your nose

1. If someone tells you to follow your nose when you are looking for a place, they are telling you to go straight ahead, or to follow the most obvious route. Follow your nose till you come to the church. Turn right there and it's in front of you.
2. If you follow your nose, you make decisions and behave in a particular way because you feel that this is what you should do, rather than because you are following any rules. As far as my career is concerned, I'd started writing for magazines while I was at college and I've just followed my nose doing that ever since.
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follow your nose

1 trust to your instincts. 2 move along guided by your sense of smell. 3 go straight ahead.
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follow your ˈnose

1 be guided by your sense of smell: He followed his nose to the kitchen, and found Marina making tomato soup.
2 go straight forward: The garage is a mile ahead up the hill — just follow your nose.
3 act according to what seems right or reasonable, rather than following any particular rules: In situations like this, I think all we can do is follow our noses.
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This summer grab your bike, follow your nose, palate and eyes through the beautiful French vineyards of Vouvray for a memorable moment that will stand out on your bucket list.
"You just have to follow your nose on these things and I feel we should stay in."
Follow your nose to the bottom of the Down escalator for creamy, gourmet fudge, hand-made and decorated in small batches by an artisan staff using only the finest, natural, gluten-free ingredients.
You can follow your nose without having someone tell you you can't do it that way."
For a hardy, carefree shrub, follow your nose to a lilac bush.
Anne Frank Call in at The Rijksmuseum to marvel at masterpieces from Rembrandt and Van Gogh, be deeply moved by the Anne Frank House, or simply follow your nose to the world's only floating flower market.
Any time you have a steady breeze, you potentially could follow your nose to your trophy.
You may very well find it too; just follow your nose!
Follow your nose Saturday to the Bite of Mount Hood at The Resort at The Mountain in Welches.
Follow your nose to the mulled wine to get things started.
Just follow your nose - and make sure you wash them well.
Go to AUGUST 8-9 Follow your nose to the Abroath
Guy also acquired Follow Your Nose, a memoir by Lisa Price, owner of the cozy Brooklyn-based body product shop Carol's Daughter.
At low tide, you can follow your nose, or ears, along the beach from Ford Cove to Heron Rocks for close views of sea lions and eagles perched side-by-side on Toby Islet and Norris Rocks.