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in like Flynn

If you are in like Flynn, you do something quickly and with great enthusiasm. `If I thought I could win the leadership election, I would be in like Flynn,' Mr Rudd said.
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be in like Flynn

seize an opportunity; be successful. Australian
The Flynn referred to in this expression is Errol Flynn, the Australian-born actor, who had a reputation as a notable playboy.
1987 Kathy Lette Girls' Night Out Russell brightened. ‘Really?’ I'm in, he thought to himself. I'm in like Flynn. ‘You really see it that way?’ He slid his arms around her.
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in like Flynn

1. mod. successful, in a variety of contexts, sex being the major one. (The in can be construed to be the in of in coitu. Not to be confused with the James Coburn movie, In Like Flint. This Flynn is associated with Errol Flynn, the late film actor, but appears to have occurred earlier.) A few nice words, a bit of bubble, and you’re in like Flynn.
2. mod. an elaboration of in, in any of its senses. You got the role! You’re in! You’re in like Flynn!
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Nervous about giving the governor a shot, Flynn forgot to bring a Band-Aid.
Flynn admitted in press interviews last year that she was hooked on sex and could turn violent if boyfriends failed to satisfy her.
Lynch told reporters last month that he met privately with the 78-year-old Flynn to tell him his current term would end March 31 without reappointment.
Flynn is known for his careful historical and scientific scenarios.
Only the actor asked to play Father Flynn in Shanley's play ``Doubt'' knows with any certainty the degree of the priest's guilt.
She also trusts and respects Sister Aloysius enough to tell her that she thinks a new, charismatic priest at the school, Father Flynn, may have made advances to a boy in her class, Donald Muller, who is the first black child to attend St.
Michael Flynn, the project's principal investigator at NASA's Ames Research Center, says VPCAR has been designed to mimic the natural hydrologic cycle.
After some extensive begging from Skye and a tense call from Flynn, her high school sweet heart, Faith makes the trip back home to Minnesota against her better judgment.