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high flier

A person who has the potential for or who has achieved great success. Tim was such a high-flier in college that it's no surprise he's achieved such great success in his career.
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take a flyer

take a chance. chiefly North American
1998 Times Or we [i.e. journalists] can take a flyer: share a hunch and risk coming a cropper.
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take a flyer (on something)

tv. to take a chance on something. Fred is too wise an investor to take a flyer on some story stock like that.
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take a flyer

See also: flyer, take
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View a demo of the Breeze Real Estate Flyer Maker on Youtube and download the free app from the iTunes store now.
A 2000 decision by the Army Court of Criminal Appeals (ACCA) demonstrates why trial counsel should ensure that each court member and defense counsel have the same flyer and that the flyer is the final flyer approved by the military judge.
Posting flyers on telephone poles is a long-standing method for announcing everything from labor rallies to lemonade stands--the niche information not suited for costly newspaper ads and television spots.
The primary reason (we can't field a team) is financial,'' Ice Station director of hockey operations and former Flyers general manager Larry Bruyere said.
Cast a much bigger net to prospective buyers by also automatically distributing their flyer online to relevant blogs and websites via built-in RSS syndication capabilities.
Secondly, weighing only 90 g/m2, it is around one third lighter than their so far standard-weight flyers of 135 g/m2.
Cechmanek joined the Flyers after a lengthy career in his native Czech Republic.
Members of China Southern's Sky Pearl Club frequent flyer program will be able to earn and redeem miles on China Airlines-operated flights that are marketed with China Airlines' "CI" code.
And because of a strong finish - the Flyers won five of their past six regular-season games - they qualified for the WSHL playoffs, and Lapides and his teammates have a opportunity to gain even more exposure.
The Flyers (17-19, 35 points) are in fourth place, two points ahead of Roseville (16-19).
com/en, and its Sky Pearl Club frequent flyer partner Marriott International Inc.
It won't impact their standing in the playoff race, but taking the Bay City Bombers into overtime on the road Saturday - even though they eventually lost in a shootout 5-4 after playing to a 7-7 tie in regulation - gave the Flyers (14-19, 29 points) an extra point they weren't expecting.
Eighteen percent of this group - or 17 million people - are Frequent Flyers who are affluent, well-educated and sophisticated consumers who take four or more flights per year and account for nearly 60 percent of all airport advertising impressions.
VALENCIA - The Valencia Flyers are in an exciting playoff race, but the buzz this week is about an exhibition with no impact on their postseason prospects.