fly over

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fly over (someone or something)

To soar or glide above someone or something. I peered out the airplane window and determined that we must have been flying over the Midwest. She let out a shriek as the hawk flew over her.
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fly over someone or something

to soar or glide over someone or something. We saw an eagle fly over us. The plane flew over the desert.
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" This act has rendered both the fly overs of Chandi chowk and 6th road redundant defeating the purpose of facilitating the citizens in terms of traffic problem, said a group of citizens.
This track will be passed over Mareer Hassan railway bridge, committee chowk underpass and Chandni chowk and 6th road fly overs.
Kashmiris give preference to roads, daily wage jobs, universities, fly overs, shopping malls and other such things but they fail to understand this is never going to set us free.
Despite construction of several fly overs the traffic problem still remains unresolved over there and citizens find it hard to seek access to the major markets because the unruly traffic flow does not allow them to pass the road safely.
Attention has also been paid towards infrastructure development through construction of fly overs, thoroughfares and so-forth, said KMC administrator mentioning that funds were needed to meet the ever growing expenditure under the head of essential needs of citizens.
Administrator KMC Rauf Akhtar Farooqui has directed Anti-encroachment department to keep their drive continue in Ramazan and to remove beggars from under and around all fly overs.
Ishrat ul Ebad Khan, has directed to arrange traffic routes and identify schemes of roads, under passes and fly overs, under a comprehensive master plan, to ensure free flow of traffic in coastal localities of the metropolis.
The Prime Minister said his government is aware of the traffic problems of Peshawar city and intends to start work on construction of fly overs to overcome the problems.