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busted flush

1. Literally, a hand in poker consisting of four cards of the same suit and one that is different, i.e., one card short of a flush. I thought I'd finally win the hand, but when I drew the ace of spades, I was left with a busted flush.
2. A person, organization, or thing that at one time held great potential or influence but that ultimately ended up a failure. Jack left secondary school with great grades and a bright future, but he became addicted to drugs and turned out a busted flush. The company promised big returns to investors but turned out to be a busted flush.
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be in the first flush of (something)

To be in the beginning or early stages of something. Of course they're happy now—they're still in the first flush of marriage!
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the first flush of (something)

The beginning or early stages of something. Of course they're happy now—they're still in the first flush of marriage!
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flush out

1. To use liquids to expel something from something else. A noun or pronoun can be used between "flush" and "out." If you get debris in your eyes, be sure to flush them out with water immediately.
2. To force someone or something out of hiding. A noun or pronoun can be used between "flush" and "out." That loud crash flushed out a stray cat from under our porch. Police have the suspect surrounded and are hoping to flush him out with tear gas.
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in the first flush of (something)

In the earliest of beginning stages, especially when energy, effort, or enthusiasm are at their peak. Of course they're happy now—they're still in the first flush of marriage! Let's see how they're doing ten years down the line. The novel consists of parallel storylines: one follows the protagonist in the first flush of adulthood, while the other examines how his views have changed after a lifetime of experience and hardship.
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flushed down the tubes

Having lost or failed. The final score was 17-1, so yeah, we got flushed down the tubes.
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flush someone or something out of some place

 and flush someone or something out
to cause someone or something to leave a hiding place. (Originally from hunting.) The police flushed the gunman out from his hiding place. They flushed out the crooks.
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flush something away

to wash something unwanted away. Flush all this mess away! Fred flushed away all the leaves on the sidewalk.
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flush something out

to clean something out with a flow of liquid. Flush the fuel line out to clean it. Please flush out the fuel line and clean it.
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flush with something

1. Lit. even with something; sharing a surface with something. The edge of the sink is flush with the counter. The wood flooring is flush with the carpet so people won't trip.
2. Fig. [of a face] red with anger, embarrassment, rage, etc. He faced the woman he had dreamed about all his life. His face flushed with recognition and his heart pounded. Ellen's face flushed with embarrassment.
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in the flush of

Also, in the first or full flush of . During a sudden rush of a strong positive feeling regarding something, as in In the first flush of victory he decided to take all his friends to dinner. This expression employs flush in the sense of "a bout of emotion or passion." [c. 1600]
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a busted flush

someone or something that has not fulfilled expectations; a failure. US informal
In the game of poker, a busted flush is a sequence of cards of one suit that you fail to complete.
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in the first flush

in a state of freshness and vigour.
The exact origins of flush as a noun are unknown; early senses share the idea of a sudden rush or abundance of something (e.g. water, growth of grass, or emotion).
1997 Tom Petsinis The French Mathematician A month ago, in the first flush of enthusiasm…I tackled the classic problem of trisecting an angle using only a compass and straightedge.
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(in) the first flush of ˈyouth, enˈthusiasm, etc.

when somebody is young or something is new: By then, he was no longer in the first flush of youth.In the first flush of enthusiasm, we were able to get everyone interested in helping.
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flush out

1. To empty or clean something by a flow of water or liquid: After coming in contact with the caustic substance, she flushed out her eye, which was red and puffy. The school nurse flushed the child's eyes out after he got fingerpaint in them.
2. To cause something to leave or be removed from something with a flow of water or liquid: She ran to the sink to flush out the dirt from her cut. My tears flushed the sand out of my eye.
3. To frighten someone or something from a concealed place: The golden retriever jumped into the reeds and flushed out the ducks. The passing car flushed the birds out of the thicket.
4. To drive or force someone into the open: The sniper is hiding in one of the buildings to the south and won't be easy to flush out. The army pledged to flush all insurgents out of the village.
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mod. wealthy; with plenty of money. Today I am flush. By tomorrow, I’ll be broke.

flushed down the tubes

Defeated. A 1950s college expression drawn from waste removal. After an exam that was more difficult than anticipated, a student might groan, “Man, did I get flushed down the tubes!”
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