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embalming fluid

1. Literally, a type of fluid that is used to preserve a corpse. ("Embalming" is the process of injecting a corpse with such fluid.) We haven't injected the embalming fluid yet—that's the next step.
2. slang Liquor, especially whiskey. If I keep drinking this embalming fluid, I'll be drunk in no time!
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gender fluid

Not strictly identifying as one distinct gender, perhaps identifying as a different gender at different times, or identifying as more than one gender at once. My sex is male, but I'm gender fluid, and I feel more feminine than masculine some days.
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embalming fluid

n. strong liquor; raw whiskey. Bartender, pour out this embalming fluid and get me your best.
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The Major Applications of These Fluids are removal, forming, cutting, treating fluids, and protection.
* Most of the major fluid suppliers offer fluid analysis services.
In non-survivors fluid balance was significantly positive on 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th day of SICU (p-value: 0.005, 0.0005 and 0.024), APACHE II score (p<0.02), incidence of acute kidney injury (p<0.004) and mechanical ventilation days were significantly more.
We are replacing singular fluids and these fluids should not be seen as water but as IV drugs.
The Titan Series fluid warmers are available in 2.5 cubic feet and 3.5 cubic feet.
After five months, the unborn baby''s skin starts to toughen and becomes impenetrable to the amniotic fluid.
Once collected, there are several acceptable ways to dispose of waste hydraulic fluids, the three main routes being: energy recovery, regeneration and recycling.
RAY: But they also may be absolutely right about their fluids minimizing corrosion on their own cars.
One option that has enabled labs to overcome the labor burdens body fluid analysis testing presents has been running body fluid cell counts on hematology analyzers.
Magnetic fluid is composed of magnetic nanoparticles, surfactant, and carrier.
Global Heat Transfer focuses on the lifecycle management of its client's thermal fluids from the procurement and delivery of highly efficient fluids to the on-going management to extend the usable life of the fluid as far as possible, right through to their latter years when they need to be disposed of in an appropriate manner.
28 September 2011 - Swedish maker of products for routine analysis of blood and other body fluids CellaVision (STO:CEVI) said yesterday that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had approved the CellaVision Body Fluid Application to be used with the company's cell morphology system CellaVision DM1200 for analysis of body fluids.