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bit of fluff

1. A physically attractive woman. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Jack knew he was the envy of all of his friends as he paraded around town with his new bit of fluff.
2. A derogatory term used to describe a woman who lacks value beyond being physically attractive. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. I can't believe my ex-boyfriend went out with that bit of fluff!
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fluff (one's) lines

To forget or bungle the words that one is supposed to say, as in a speech or play. My mind went completely blank as soon as I stepped on stage, and I totally fluffed my lines. I had learned the speech off by heart, but I was so emotional that I started fluffing my lines about halfway through.
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fluff out

To cause something to become puffier in appearance. A noun or pronoun can be used between "fluff" and "out." In the 80s, girls used to fluff out their bangs and make their hair as voluminous as possible.
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fluff up

To shake or otherwise move something soft or plush so that it becomes (or at least looks) fluffier. A noun or pronoun can be used between "fluff" and "up." I fluffed up the pillows on the couch before our guests got here.
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slang Snow. The sun will melt some of this fluff-stuff, thank goodness. I don't know about you, but I'm certainly ready for spring!
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fluff one's lines

 and blow one's lines; muff one's lines
to speak one's speech badly or forget one's lines when one is in a play. The actress fluffed her lines badly in the last act. I was in a play once, and I muffed my lines over and over. It's okay to blow your lines in rehearsal.
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fluff something out

[for a bird] to move its feathers outward. The parrot said good night, fluffed its feathers out, and went to sleep. The bird fluffed out its feathers.
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fluff something up

to make something soft appear fuller or higher. Fluff your pillow up before you go to bed. She fluffed up her pillow before retiring.
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bit of fluff (or skirt or stuff)

a woman regarded in sexual terms. British informal
1937 W. Somerset Maugham Theatre It was strangely flattering for a woman to be treated as a little bit of fluff that you just tumbled on to a bed.
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fluff up

To shake or ruffle something, especially something with feathers or fur, to make it softer, puffier, or larger: When my canary fluffs up its feathers, it looks round and fat. I fluffed up the cat's fur with a hairbrush. The pillows will be more comfortable if you let me fluff them up.
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1. n. nonsense; irrelevant stuff; hype. Cut out the fluff and talk straight.
2. tv. & in. to make an error; to do something incorrectly. Todd fluffs his lines in the same place every night.


n. snow. There is supposed to be an inch of fluff-stuff tonight.
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If it's the capable quarterback on display through much of the Giants' two most recent games, rather than the intercepted fluffer, the Giants could achieve an upset.
The system is composed of an air compressor that uses instrument-quality dry air, conveyors, Hanaar's proprietary buffer, fluffer and ISO-flow systems, the sorter itself and an "accepts" and "rejects" container, all of which can be installed between the shredder and baler of an existing system, Greenspan says.
Energy-saving auxiliary functions include a five-tie auto-tier, fluffer door, and oil filtration, which are separately driven by a dedicated motor.
(Their previous film collaboration was the gay cult fave The Fluffer.) "Jesse knows how to work it," confirms Glatzer.
When the plant was built in 1980, the baler was installed in a low-ceiling area offering inadequate headroom for a fluffer. The bales it made were too small, even using a shredder, requiring the recycler to rebale the waste paper.
fluffer: A worker on a railway system employed to clear the track of refuse.
SCIENTISTS have built an intelligent pool table that can help even the most hopeless fluffer of shots, it was disclosed today.
For the next few minutes, the class needed little prompting to come up with interesting uses for the pen: a ruler, a plant support, a hair fluffer, an ear cleaner, a weapon, a pointer, a drum stick, a book mark, a fondue fork (chocolate only), a lapel decoration, a finger splint, a tool for cleaning corners, a peripheral vision measuring stick.
I slowly discovered that I wasn't just booked to be a support act for this man; I was to be his stooge, counsellor, gofer and fluffer. And I wasn't going to do any of them.
A year later, Dan seems to have successfully negotiated for Apex to be acquired by a massive firm called the Benjaminson Group--at least until he realizes that his company is being treated as "the fluffer," a sort of decoy for a much bigger deal involving Dan's former employer, placing him in direct competition with the sneering Chuck.
In the previous episode, "The Fluffer," Olivia and her team finally succeeded in pulling the plug on B-613, but this success has come at a cost.
I would have to get a fluffer to get it warmed up a little bit.
"We were amazed at the whole elaborate ritual," recalls the New York-born Glatzer, whose 2001 film with Westmoreland, The Fluffer, was recently featured in John Waters's Here TV series Movies That Will Corrupt You.
Auxiliary functions, such as the auto-tier and fluffer door, are driven by a separate dedicated motor.
One example: she was in Safety of Objects with Moira Kelly, who played a lesbian in this summer's A Woman Reported and was in The West Wing with openly gay actor Cherry Jones, who starred in lesbian weeper What Makes a Family with Whoopi Goldberg, who was a nurse in Girl, Interrupted alongside openly gay actor Jillian Armenante and bisexual Angelina Jolie, who played a baby-dyke model in Gia, which also starred Adina Porter, who was in The Fluffer with Guin Turner.