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bit of fluff

1. A physically attractive woman. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Jack knew he was the envy of all of his friends as he paraded around town with his new bit of fluff.
2. A derogatory term used to describe a woman who lacks value beyond being physically attractive. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. I can't believe my ex-boyfriend went out with that bit of fluff!
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fluff one's lines

 and blow one's lines; muff one's lines
to speak one's speech badly or forget one's lines when one is in a play. The actress fluffed her lines badly in the last act. I was in a play once, and I muffed my lines over and over. It's okay to blow your lines in rehearsal.
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fluff something out

[for a bird] to move its feathers outward. The parrot said good night, fluffed its feathers out, and went to sleep. The bird fluffed out its feathers.
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fluff something up

to make something soft appear fuller or higher. Fluff your pillow up before you go to bed. She fluffed up her pillow before retiring.
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bit of fluff (or skirt or stuff)

a woman regarded in sexual terms. British informal
1937 W. Somerset Maugham Theatre It was strangely flattering for a woman to be treated as a little bit of fluff that you just tumbled on to a bed.
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fluff up

To shake or ruffle something, especially something with feathers or fur, to make it softer, puffier, or larger: When my canary fluffs up its feathers, it looks round and fat. I fluffed up the cat's fur with a hairbrush. The pillows will be more comfortable if you let me fluff them up.
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1. n. nonsense; irrelevant stuff; hype. Cut out the fluff and talk straight.
2. tv. & in. to make an error; to do something incorrectly. Todd fluffs his lines in the same place every night.


n. snow. There is supposed to be an inch of fluff-stuff tonight.
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The Hanaar System's buffer serves to meter and feed the shredded material to the fluffer, which breaks the chunks of shredded material to optimize the spread of those shreds onto the ISO-flow device.
Sodexo's Earth Day menu choices will include: Fluffer Nutter Club Sandwich, Grilled Peanut Butter and Banana with Chocolate Chips, Toasted Peanut Butter Baguettes with Jelly Dipping Sauce, Peanut Butter Pancakes with Jelly Syrup, and for dessert customers can try the PB&J Sweet Shot or a PB&J Muffin.
We were amazed at the whole elaborate ritual," recalls the New York-born Glatzer, whose 2001 film with Westmoreland, The Fluffer, was recently featured in John Waters's Here TV series Movies That Will Corrupt You.
Auxiliary functions, such as the auto-tier and fluffer door, are driven by a separate dedicated motor.
But when local gangster Mikhail Alexyvitch and his transsexual hooker girlfriend, Fluffer Nutters, discover David's plot, they hijack his treasure, and David has to plead with Detective Fuddnicky to help him get that precious sperm back and get Kara to his comedy show.
I went into the adult industry to develop my film skills and do research for a screenplay Richard and I ended up writing, `The Fluffer,' '' Westmoreland says.
Separate, dedicated motor drives auxiliary functions, such as the auto-tier and fluffer door
The Fluffer (18) A closet gay gets a job as a (very) personal assistant to his (straight) porn movie idol in this uneven tragi-comedy that fires off some amusing tongue in cheek satire on the porn movie industry before collapsing into sub Boogie Nights melodrama.
Among them: SmartPress Paper Handling, which uses three independent air systems - a fluffer, an airknife and a vacuum feedhead - to move paper reliably without causing abrasions; and SmartPress Sentry, which continuously monitors and adjusts image quality to improve performance and reliability.
The Pope of Trash hosts a series of adventuresome cinema, including cracked classics like Freeway, Beefcake, Baxter, The Fluffer,
Until that is Johnny finds it hard to get, well, excited and Sean finds himself all too happily enlisted as the star's fluffer.
The friend escaped with minor injuries, but Broudy, an actor who had a small role in the 2001 indie film The Fluffer, underwent two brain surgeries and remains in the hospital in serious condition, although doctors are optimistic he will recover.
The former Playboy bunny plays a former erotic dancer who decides to buy her own club in The Fluffer.
The Fluffer * Written by Wash West * Directed by West and Richard Glatzer * Starring Scott Gurney, Michael Cunio * First Run Features Video