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flavor of the month

Something temporary. The phrase is often used to describe fleeting romantic relationships. I wouldn't get too attached to Katie, she's just Ralph's flavor of the month—they'll break up in no time. You change majors all the time, and Biology is just the flavor of the month, trust me!
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flavour of the month

mainly BRITISH
COMMON If someone or something is flavour of the month, they are very popular at the moment. Note: `Flavour' is spelled `flavor' in American English. One minute you're flavour of the month, top of the bestseller charts, and the next minute you're forgotten. Filmstars seem to be interested in whatever cause is the latest flavour of the month. Note: People sometimes mention other periods of time such as year, week, or moment instead of month. Monetarism was the flavour of the year. Suddenly, he was flavour of the moment on both sides of the Atlantic. Note: These expressions are often used to suggest that the popularity of someone or something is unlikely to last long. Note: American ice cream parlours used to select a particular flavour of the month in order to encourage people to try different flavours of ice cream.
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