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slang A stupid or silly person. Can you believe that flathead is still pushing the door marked "pull"?
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n. a stupid person. Carl, don’t act like such a flathead.


mod. stupid. Martin seems flatheaded, but he’s quite brilliant.
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The high percentage of sunfishes in the diet along with an increase in flathead catfish with a concurrent decline in bluegill abundance suggests that the flatheads may be negatively affecting the bluegill population of the lake, the researchers say.
As a result, William Gray never did establish a mission among the Flatheads, nor did he ever quite live down the reputation he acquired for abandoning those entrusted to his care.
The first night we fished this hole, we caught and released 15 flatheads over 20 pounds.
"The Apalachicola River is a good place to fish for flatheads," advised Don Minchew with the North Florida Catfish Tournament Trail in Wewahitchka.
Initiating protest among the Flathead people, a series of dams were constructed along the Mission Range during the 1920s and 1930s; McNickle's contractor Adam Pell appears to reflect these construction projects via the dam around which much of the novel's message centers (p.
Applied Science--After Texas legalized noodling (hand-fishing) in 2011, some catfish anglers became concerned that this practice might lead to overharvest, especially of large flathead catfish that are targeted when spawning in logs and crevices.
Studies of radio-tagged flatheads at various lakes around the country underline their loyalty to specific locations.
Flatheads need the extra proteins found in live fish to sustain their fast-growing bodies.
While, radio-tagging research proved the migratory aspect of the flathead wintering legend, the advent of underwater cameras allowed innovative anglers to capture fantastic video of wintering flatheads "stacked like cordwood." More than a decade ago, retired guide Brian Klawitter took advantage of low current flows and relatively clear water under the midwinter ice of the upper Mississippi River to lower an underwater camera into flathead wintering holes.
The tournament series does have a dedicated children's division which targets channel cats, but Blake is no stranger to flatheads. "We placed in every tournament we fished last year," said his dad Parley.
"The issue is that it targets flatheads during a time when they're concentrated in specific areas, and noodlers have the potential to catch quite a few fish in a short period of time.
The middle and lower parts of the river have wood--lots of wood--the primary structure to fish for flatheads.
A better understanding of how catfish perceive their world may explain why fluttering chunks of cut bait sometimes get more bites from channel cats than inanimate baits, or why flatheads gobble some types of live baits while ignoring others.
Bream have long been used as bait for flatheads, but must be caught via hook and line in Florida (it is illegal to castnet native bream).
Robby Robinson has landed more than 1,400 flatheads from flood-control reservoirs and rivers in southeast Ohio during his decades of stalking them, but he says those big catfish have come one or two at a time, and often with a week or more between catches.