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n. a stupid person. Carl, don’t act like such a flathead.


mod. stupid. Martin seems flatheaded, but he’s quite brilliant.
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Unlike flathead catfish, which tend to stick to the bottom, blue cats are notorious for suspending high in the water column.
As a result, William Gray never did establish a mission among the Flatheads, nor did he ever quite live down the reputation he acquired for abandoning those entrusted to his care.
His adopted family the Flatheads now had Black Robes living among them.
For more in connection with the early presence of Ignace and other Iroquois among the Flatheads, see John Mellis, "Coyote People and the Black Robes: Indigenous Roots of Salish Christianity" (Ph.
According to Mengarini the Flatheads referred to white people as soiapi (Recollections, p.
Generally, when fishing wood piles, depth is not much of an issue; I have caught flatheads in as shallow as 2 feet to as deep as 40.
I also fish Black Water River and the Alabama River fairly often for flatheads.
When I first learned that huge flathead catfish were living in the rivers of northwest Florida, I left my saltwater favorites for a time and pursued the cats with everything I had.
In Florida's Panhandle, 12-year-old Blake Schuler broke out of that mold at the Gaskin Park Flathead Catfish Tournament (June 29-30) when he crushed the competition--adults too--taking first, third, and fifth place, plus "most overall weight.
Some years back, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) tried an experimental electroshocking program to eliminate flatheads on the Yellow River, a stronghold that recently produced a new state record, 55.
It appears once flatheads occupy a system, the monsters are there to stay.
These flatheads will keep getting bigger," said Don Minchew.
According to tribal sources (see below), the Flathead Reservation consists of 4 tribes that form a Confederacy made by the 1855 treaty with the government: Lower Pend d'Oreille and Kalispels are the 1st two (they already called this area their homeland), the Kootenai (who shared their hunting grounds to the north) and lastly the Salish who were reluctantly removed from their homeland in the Bitterroot Valley & re-located to the Flathead Reservation in 1891.
A Brief History of the Flathead Tribes compiled by the Flathead Culture Committee, 1978 The Salish People and the Lewis and Clark Expedition by the Salish-Pend d'Oreille Culture Committee and Elders Cultural Advisory Council Confederated Salish and Kootenia Tribes, p.
I had thought their first attribution to be slightly dubious, but did not take the time to check it out and assumed it might conceivably relate to some very small Yakama contingency settled on the Flathead Reservation.