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slang A stupid or silly person. Can you believe that flathead is still pushing the door marked "pull"?


n. a stupid person. Carl, don’t act like such a flathead.


mod. stupid. Martin seems flatheaded, but he’s quite brilliant.
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Age and growth of the flathead fish (Platycephalus indicus Linnaeus) in Yellow Sea.
The biologists calculated that exploitation would have to reach 15 percent for effects of noodling on large flatheads to be evident.
CFAC opened in 1955 as the primary customer of hydroelectricity produced at Hungry Horse Dam, just up the Flathead River.
As of the acquisition date, Flathead Bank had total assets of approximately USD225 million, loans of approximately USD86 million and deposits of approximately USD178 million.
Witt is active in Rotary International, a long-time board member of Montana West Economic Development, and the founder of Flathead Valley Home Brewers Association.
As shown in the right portion of the table under personal income, this three-year growth in the Bakken area is roughly equal to adding a Flathead or Gallatin county on the Montana-North Dakota line.
Host suitability trials conducted in Texas using pistolgrip glochidia on three fish species showed that flathead catfish (Pylodictus olivaris) is a potential host (Howells, 1997), a result consistent with suspected catfish hosts for other members of the quadrula species group (Howard and Anson, 1922; Schwebach et al.
Source: Leslie Deck, MPA, CHES, Flathead City-County Health Department
Cloud State University tested larval flathead minnows as embryos or hatchlings with water containing the antidepressant venlafaxine (Effexor[R]).
This February, as Vancouver bustled with Olympic athletes chasing the gold, another remarkable victory was shaping up in the quiet, remote Flathead River Valley to the east.
Lewis, Clarke, Fraser, and Thompson) first traversed the continent of North America, twenty-four Iroquois fur trappers came to settle among the Flathead Salish in the Bitterroot Valley of present-day southwestern Montana.
A flathead screwdriver ground into the back of the blade makes this folder even more versatile.
there are no Yakama on this reservation only Flathead, Kalispell, Spokan, Upper Kalispell & Kutenai".
Glacier National Park and Montana's Flathead Valley.
Take for example the new FlatHead from Jim Fletcher Archery.