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slang A stupid or silly person. Can you believe that flathead is still pushing the door marked "pull"?
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n. a stupid person. Carl, don’t act like such a flathead.


mod. stupid. Martin seems flatheaded, but he’s quite brilliant.
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One of these was noted by Wyeth, during his sojourn among the Flat-heads. A new great man, says he, is rising in the camp, who aims at power and sway.
Pickwick drew in his head again, with the swiftness displayed by that admirable melodramatic performer, Punch, when he lies in wait for the flat-headed comedian with the tin box of music.
The carabiner can light tinder and stoves, and it also can be used as a bottle opener, a small safety blade, a flat-head screwdriver and a keychain.
It's a spork, serrated knife, fire starter, peeler, can opener, bottle opener, pry bar, box cutter, cord cutter and flat-head screwdriver.
Keep two pincushions close when sewing, one containing flat-head pins and the other glass-head pins.
Fasten the panels with flat-head sheet metal screws after drilling countersink pilot holes through the unit.
Little Oakley Porter-Mcaveeney suffers from branchycephaly - better known as flat-head syndrome - and needed to have a special helmet fitted to help mould his skull in to the correct shape.
Now, aged five months, Faith, who has a twin Grace, has been diagnosed with positional plagiocephaly, also known as flat-head syndrome, a condition which is not shared by her sister.
Inspired by Teesside tot Charlie Grayson, pictured with mum Melanie, right, proceeds will go to the Headstart for Babies charity, which raises awareness and funds for the condition sometimes known as flat-head syndrome, plagiocephaly.
Doctors diagnosed plagiocephaly, a condition known as flat-head syndrome, but the NHS cannot fund the helmet treatment.
Now I'll be danged if I got me a "DINK" on the big, flat-head screwtop at the end of my tube on my tubefed, lever-action stainless steel shorty .45 Colt Puma rifle!
Headers can be supplied in the original patented rail and hook system for extra safety or Flat-Head. All metals are rust resistant and plastics are stable in freezing conditions.
Scientists presented discoveries in feeding ecology, distribution, movements and behavior; stocking methods, sampling techniques, and age-growth of channel, flat-head, and blue catfish; as well studies on madtoms and bullheads.
You should be able to screw it so far by hand then tighten it up with a flat-head screwdriver.