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be flat-footed

1. To be unprepared or slow to react. That goal was my fault, guys. I was flat-footed on the play. The company has been somewhat flat-footed in its response to the scandal.
2. To be clumsy and awkward. Don't trust her carrying that vase—she's so flat-footed. I would change your opening argument—it's a little flat-footed as it is.


slang A police officer. Please, that old flatfoot will never be able to catch up to us once we run out of the store.


1. Slow to react. Unprepared. Often used in the phrase "caught flat footed." That goal was my fault, guys. I got caught flat-footed on the play.
2. Clumsy and awkward. Don't trust her carrying that vase—she's so flat-footed. I would change your opening argument—it's a little flat-footed right now.
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and flatty
n. a police officer, especially a foot patrol officer. (Older.) Think about how the flatfoot on the beat is affected by this cold. There’s a flatty on the corner. Go ask him for some help.
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2 illustrates plantar pressure distribution for flat-foot subjects and control subject respectively during dynamic (walking with habitual speed) plantar loading.
Bertani et.al [3] studied 20 children (aged between 9-14 years) with idiopathic flat-foot. They found significant abnormal GRF parameters during the terminal stance phase.
It's very difficult for him because he is so flat-footed and still a little bit weak.
Northern Rock still owed around pounds 9.8bn to the taxpayer as of March, but has since slowed repayments to lend an extra pounds 14bn over the next two years to help the housing market..It is not surprising when there was the run on deposits, the Treasury was caught flat-footed
"The council was not caught 'flat-footed' - far from it.
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I was almost flat-footed, my legs looked bent even when standing with my heels pressed into the floor and my muscles flexed rock hard.
Power to spare combined with a wide 42.1-inch wheelbase and a travel speed of up to 7.7 mph, smooth, stable, flat-footed performance and quick cycle times are taken in stride.
Insistence on flat-footed categorization by geography is one of the great flaws of the mighty atlas.
Rugby doubled their lead on the half hour when the visitors defence was caught flat-footed allowing Padmore to nip in and lob home - despite the best efforts of Aaron O'Leary to hook clear.
Headley has a fantastic voice, but it's wasted on surprisingly unmemorable Elton John tunes and Tim Rice's flat-footed lyrics.
she was standing flat-footed with her hands on her hips her collarbone a cusp holding her face
Otherwise, you'll be caught flat-footed if OSHA shows up at your company to perform a SEP inspection.
The humor of the form lies in its purposefully flat-footed inadequacy.