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be flat-footed

1. To be unprepared or slow to react. That goal was my fault, guys. I was flat-footed on the play. The company has been somewhat flat-footed in its response to the scandal.
2. To be clumsy and awkward. Don't trust her carrying that vase—she's so flat-footed. I would change your opening argument—it's a little flat-footed as it is.


slang A police officer. Please, that old flatfoot will never be able to catch up to us once we run out of the store.


1. Slow to react. Unprepared. Often used in the phrase "caught flat footed." That goal was my fault, guys. I got caught flat-footed on the play.
2. Clumsy and awkward. Don't trust her carrying that vase—she's so flat-footed. I would change your opening argument—it's a little flat-footed right now.
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and flatty
n. a police officer, especially a foot patrol officer. (Older.) Think about how the flatfoot on the beat is affected by this cold. There’s a flatty on the corner. Go ask him for some help.
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If individuals having scores 1 and 2 in flat foot group and individuals having 0, -1, -2 in none flat foot group, by using [X.sup.2] test, results are given at diagram (1).
Results show that 66 people out of 85 ones have flat foot that includes %77.6.
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One has researched the effects of the therapeutically exercise program on correcting the flat foot to the pupils engaged in the study on a period of a school year with two sessions a week
Forty three (56.6%) cases had clinically mild (grade I) flat foot deformity and the remaining 33, (43.4%) had moderate (grade II) deformity.
There was no significant difference between number of individuals with flat foot through scaling by observation in both groups of urinary continence and stress urinary incontinence.
Clarke's angle is the best way of showing the influence of the use of footwear on the morphology of the flat foot, while the Chippaux Smirak index and the Staheli arch index are more convenient to detect the importance of gender in the formation of the foot arch.
For this purpose, firstly, Force plate on the ground and the distance from the subject (at least seven step away) and the subjects were placed in a walking shoe stepping on a force plate with regular exercise Then the subjects were asked to use a flat foot insoles embedded and re-do the walking and stepping on the force plate.
Adult acquired flat foot deformity is basically a severe type of flat foot that develops for unknown reasons in individuals who have had flat feet all their life.
Gunners' defenders Matthew Upson and Sol Campbell were left fooled and flat footed by Southampton's brilliantly- worked free-kick.
The home side looked flat footed on too many occasions and didn't threaten a busy Wrexham side at all during the first- half.
Collymore, just one goal in 15 games since his pounds 7m move from Liverpool, said: "I am not only flat footed, I also have very wide feet.
Washington, July 16 (ANI): One would think wearing a pair of high-heeled Jimmy Choos was painful for your ankles, but many a time, habitual stiletto wearers feel discomfort while walking flat footed.
He picks up a 3lb penalty and while he was a little flat footed half a mile out when Neil Callan asked for an effort the race was over quickly.
Stan, who has a five-year contract worth pounds 2million with Diadora, revealed: "The problem is that I am not only flat footed, I also have particularly wide feet.