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be flat-footed

1. To be unprepared or slow to react. That goal was my fault, guys. I was flat-footed on the play. The company has been somewhat flat-footed in its response to the scandal.
2. To be clumsy and awkward. Don't trust her carrying that vase—she's so flat-footed. I would change your opening argument—it's a little flat-footed as it is.


slang A police officer. Please, that old flatfoot will never be able to catch up to us once we run out of the store.


1. Slow to react. Unprepared. Often used in the phrase "caught flat footed." That goal was my fault, guys. I got caught flat-footed on the play.
2. Clumsy and awkward. Don't trust her carrying that vase—she's so flat-footed. I would change your opening argument—it's a little flat-footed right now.
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and flatty
n. a police officer, especially a foot patrol officer. (Older.) Think about how the flatfoot on the beat is affected by this cold. There’s a flatty on the corner. Go ask him for some help.
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Evaluating for flat feet in the clinic is usually limited to inspection in weight bearing and non-weight bearing.
Some authors recommend using the Chippaux-Smirak index as a screening instrument for flat feet in preschool-aged children (6), although there is no sound support for either continuing or establishing podiatry screenings for children (7).
The difference of MLA height between individuals with normal and flat feet has an effect on various kinetic and kinematic parameters of locomotion (2) which might increase the risk of injury (3).
The test with and without medical insoles, medical insoles for people with flat feet were performed.
"During this stage, children still have flexible flat feet. If left untreated, this may lead to muscle fatigue as well as knee and lower-back pains," Ng said.
Similar pattern was observed for flat feet patients except for the medial arch area.
Symptoms of flat feet will vary depending of the severity of the condition in a particular case, but can include pain, stiffness and aching of the foot or feet and also in other areas of the body that become affected by association.
The anatomy of flat feet. How does having flat feet lead to knee pain?
All cases with clinical grade II flat feet (43.4 %) had an abnormal FBA.
If you've thought that your child's flat feet have impeded his ability to participate or succeed in sports, think again.
A striking finding in the study was the very high prevalence of flat feet in the patients with significant foot pain.
At birth, and after a few years, all children have flat feet. Many people, although they have a small arc plantar not suffer of flat feet.
Why do elephants have flat feet? To put out burning ducks.
"Most women have flat feet, and most shoes are constructed from a high instep mold," explains Joseph, who is also flat-footed.