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slang A stupid or silly person. Can you believe that flathead is still pushing the door marked "pull"?
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n. a stupid person. Carl, don’t act like such a flathead.


mod. stupid. Martin seems flatheaded, but he’s quite brilliant.
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This is just a big marketing tool - we know most cases of flat head syndrome will normalise by themselves over one or two years.'
Jaxson Luscombe, of Stanley, who has "flat head" syndrome, pictured with mum Kirsty Luscombe and gran Liz Armstrong; right Jaxson
The figures were suggested to have been 10% six years ago, and the FSID believes the increase may be because of increasing publicity about 'flat head syndrome', or plagiocephaly.
'It had a flat head and when I picked it up, it spread its wings out.
Distinguishing marks include a broad, flat head with a uniquely shaped central joining of the skull bones.
John Mizen, who also saw it, added: "It had a flat head, a 5ft long body and 2ft tail."
THE family of a baby girl who has devel oped a flat head after being born prem aturely are hoping to raise awareness and funds for the little known condition.
Stephanie Mcaveeney revealed in the Telegraph how she was shocked to discover she would have to pay out PS2,000 for a helmet for her little boy Oak-met Oakley, who suffers from branchycephaly - better known as flat head syndrome.
A FREE event is being held on Tyneside to give concerned parents the opportunity to learn more about flat head syndrome, also known as plagiocephaly.
A LINDLEY baby who was born with a flat head condition is making progress - thanks to a fundraising drive.
But the Linthorpe tot was born with plagiocephaly - also known as flat head syndrome - which left her with a misshapen skull.
ISN'T it wonderful how the Wales Assembly can find pounds 15,000 to send an Assembly official on an unnecessary trip to the Beijing Olympics, yet they cannot find cash for the NHS to pay pounds 2,000 to buy a special helmet for a 17 month old baby, who suffers from flat head disfigurement and can only be cured with the helmet.
The tot suffers from Flat Head Syndrome but Lorraine said Good Hope Hospital, at Sutton Coldfield, would not operate.
Because its mouth is located on the back of its flat head, the killifish (Fundulus heteroclitus) can respire the small amount of oxygen found at the surface of water.