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From several fishes' nostrils, they recorded electrical signals carrying information to the brain from olfactory neurons.
To mirror the fishes we angle for one last time, it seems to me that we all need wildness--deep in our souls, but also at our fingertips.
Identification of Diphyllobothrium dendriticum and Diphyllobothrium latum from some freshwater fishes of central Canada.
Two recent studies have also examined the impact of full life-long exposure to E[E.sub.2] on reproductive success in other fishes. Lange et al.
Fishelson described the evolution of this trait in the March Environmental Biology of Fishes.
In a study published in the 15 May 2003 issue of Nature, Ransom Myers, a biologist at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, wrote that "the global ocean has lost more than 90% of large predatory fishes." Moreover, a fishing ground's marine carnivores can be overfished in a matter of just several years.
As the larvae matured into adult fish, the scientists found glowing green sperm, produced from the donor fishes' spermatogonia, in males.
So, she and Zakon monitored fishes' electric fields in several scenarios, the team reports in an upcoming Animal Behaviour.
BIG OLD MAMMAS Fleets have overfished boneless fishes, principally sharks, skates, and rays, along with boned fish, which are virtually all other fish of commercial value.