next, first, second, etc. time around/round

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(some) time (a)round

On the specified instance that something happens or occurs again. Thanks, Bill. Next time around, dinner is on me! He vowed to pass the driving test the second time round.
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(the) next, first, second, etc. time aˈround/ˈround

on the next, first, second, etc. occasion that the same thing happens: He repeated none of the errors he’d made first time round.This time around it was not so easy.
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References in classic literature ?
The first time around the walls Tarzan thought he detected a strange phenomenon for a room with no windows but a single door.
ABUM-BAGS have cleverly been rebranded belt-bags for those old enough to remember them first time around, the tip is to wear it across your chest not on the waist.
ABUM-BAGS have cleverly been rebranded belt-bags for those old enough to remember them first time around, the tip is to wear it across your was PS59, now PS39, Opening Ceremony ( chest not on the waist.
The only problem is she seems to have selective hearing - much like my girlfriend - and she often doesn't respond to me the first time around.
The IFA Intermediate committee decided their quarter-final against Crumlin Star would have to be attempted again after a Star player's injury forced the abandonment first time around.
They didn't vote you in first time around it's gonny be even worse next time.
If you missed Ballykissangel the first time around there's a chance to see it all again as Virgin Media Two are airing the iconic drama from the beginning.
The stock's 30% pullback from its peak on June 20 presents a "compelling entry point for investors who missed the stock's appreciation the first time around," Brathwaite tells investors in a research note.
Baby Boomers like me, and all Americans, need to keep reminding ourselves how isolationism worked out for our country the first time around!
The former prime minister disputed incumbent PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's interpretation of Khazanah's objective, even though the fund was set up in 1993 when the latter was head of the government the first time around.
For fans who missed the six-part series the first time around, this definitive edition will be a must-buy.
The most noticeable improvement in the new models is in the fulcrum hinge, which is now much sturdier than it was the first time around. Both models have batteries that will provide up to 17 hours of video playback on a charge.
The world famous game will be snaking its way back into people's hearts and is designed to be played with groups of friends, making it even more playable than the first time around. Snake first featured on Nokia handsets in the late 90s and since then has appeared on over 400 million phones.
Having made some mistakes the first time around, we hope that the third edition of the kiddie singing tilt more enlightenedly taps contestants who are really children, not adolescents, tweens or even teens who should be auditioning-someplace else!
"It's very easy to make a sequel to 'Transformers,' to a movie that makes a gazillion dollars, but it takes real cojones to make a sequel to a movie that grossed so little money the first time around. That vision is Brad Grey," he added, nodding to the chairman of Paramount Pictures.