next, first, second, etc. time around/round

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(some) time (a)round

On the specified instance that something happens or occurs again. Thanks, Bill. Next time around, dinner is on me! He vowed to pass the driving test the second time round.
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(the) next, first, second, etc. time aˈround/ˈround

on the next, first, second, etc. occasion that the same thing happens: He repeated none of the errors he’d made first time round.This time around it was not so easy.
See also: around, round, time
References in classic literature ?
The first time around the walls Tarzan thought he detected a strange phenomenon for a room with no windows but a single door.
When I fought as a professional the first time around I was stubborn.
The world famous game will be snaking its way back into people's hearts and is designed to be played with groups of friends, making it even more playable than the first time around.
Having made some mistakes the first time around, we hope that the third edition of the kiddie singing tilt more enlightenedly taps contestants who are really children, not adolescents, tweens or even teens who should be auditioning-someplace else!
It's very easy to make a sequel to 'Transformers,' to a movie that makes a gazillion dollars, but it takes real cojones to make a sequel to a movie that grossed so little money the first time around.
It feels a lot easier, a lot more comfortable - the routine is already in place with Zachary in a way, and all the stuff that was so scary the first time around isn't quite so scary the second time around," he said.
Bentley, 28, proved to be a big hit at Blackburn first time around in 2005, but left on a sour note after publicly agitating for a move to Spurs.
MAYBE it's a generational thing, but those of you old enough to remember 2Tone classics like Embarrassment, One Step Beyond and Night Boat To Cairo the first time around probably still can't resist skanking around the house like a Doc Martens-wearing dervish whenever they come on the However, Madness are one British institution who are well worth the occasional accidental break or sprain| Box office: 029 2022 4488
Warehouse manager Marcus Bentley said: "We're a student bar and while most of them will be too young to remember Right Said Fred from the first time around, the hits have become iconic and are known across all age groups.
I'M watching re-runs of ITV's Lewis and enjoying them even more than I did first time around.
It was a hit when it aired in the UK at the beginning of the year, and if you didn't catch it the first time around, make sure you watch tonight as the brave (and possibly foolish) men gamble with their lives as they continue their quest to finish the season as the driver with the highest load count.
Men do not understand the first time around so we have to repeat ourselves over and over.