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slip someone a Mickey Finn

If someone slips someone else a Mickey Finn, they give them a drink containing a drug that makes them go to sleep. I went there once and was slipped a Mickey Finn.
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slip someone a Mickey Finn

give someone a drugged or otherwise adulterated drink.
Recorded from the 1920s, this expression is of unknown origin, but it is sometimes said to be the name of a notorious Chicago barkeeper ( c .1896–1906 ).
See also: Finn, mickey, slip


and finn (fɪn)
n. a five-dollar bill. (Germanic via Yiddish. As in German funf = five.) I gave the old guy a finn, and he nearly passed out.


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Mickey (Finn)

1. n. a drink containing chloral hydrate; a drink containing a fast-acting laxative. He slipped her a Mickey Finn, but she switched glasses.
2. n. chloral hydrate as put in drinks to knock people out. There was a Mickey Finn in this drink, wasn’t there?
See also: Finn, mickey
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Every night before he turned in, Finn pored through stacks of Grapevines, steeping himself in department history to learn the details about the men and women whose names were on the memorial wall.
Larry Schneider, Finn compiled the stories of the firefighters in a book - even finding a few firefighters along the way who had never been recognized.
Finn gave every member of his crew one of the memorial books so that we could know more about the people who came before us,'' said Firefighter Mark Ryan, a member of Jim's crew.
I'm just so proud of him for what he's done for the firefighters' museum and keeping the legacy alive of those who gave their lives for this job,'' Bill Finn said.
Hoss's decision was based on doctors' testimony that Finn was in a "persistent vegetative state" (PVS) and that there was "clear and convincing" evidence he would not want to remain alive in that condition, according to the Post.
Thomas Finn continues to insist that Hugh was aware of his environment and that he did not want to die.
Finn told NRL News that Hugh occasionally responded to the people around him.
When he told Hugh that Michele Finn was trying to have his feeding tube removed, "Hugh's face turned dark red, his mouth went up to a point, and his hands shook," Finn said.
Neil Finn and his brother, Tim, appear Tuesday and Wednesday at the John Anson Ford Amphitheatre in support of their new album, simply titled ``Finn Brothers'' (Discovery).
At the moment, we don't have high expectations about how the new record will do at radio,'' singer-guitarist Finn said.
No matter if we argued, it never got to the point of noncommunication,'' Finn said.
Just released in this country, ``The Finn Brothers'' is a moody, atmospheric set recorded in 1994 in Australia, where the brothers now are based.
The songs that we wrote for `Woodface' were intended to be for a Finn Brothers record way back then.
We noticed the difference between what her record company was doing in every city, and what ours was,'' Finn recalls.
We are committed to fostering top talent and a culture that will make Finn Partners one of the best places to work in our industry, and I believe Allison is the right person to lead us on this mission," said Peter Finn, founding partner, Finn Partners.