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a Mickey Finn

A drug that is used to incapacitate someone or render them unconscious, most often put in someone's drink without them knowing. Please be careful—it's scarily easy for someone to slip you a Mickey Finn at big parties like that. The victim of the robbery stated that the suspect had put a Mickey Finn in his drink while they were at the bar.
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slip (one) a Mickey (Finn)

To put a drug in someone's drink that will make them lose consciousness and incapacitate them; to serve someone a drink laced with such a drug. Please be careful—it's scarily easy for someone to slip you a Mickey at big parties like that. The victim of the robbery stated that the assailant had slipped him a Mickey Finn at the bar.
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slip someone a Mickey Finn

If someone slips someone else a Mickey Finn, they give them a drink containing a drug that makes them go to sleep. I went there once and was slipped a Mickey Finn.
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slip someone a Mickey Finn

give someone a drugged or otherwise adulterated drink.
Recorded from the 1920s, this expression is of unknown origin, but it is sometimes said to be the name of a notorious Chicago barkeeper ( c .1896–1906 ).
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and finn (fɪn)
n. a five-dollar bill. (Germanic via Yiddish. As in German funf = five.) I gave the old guy a finn, and he nearly passed out.


See fin

Mickey (Finn)

1. n. a drink containing chloral hydrate; a drink containing a fast-acting laxative. He slipped her a Mickey Finn, but she switched glasses.
2. n. chloral hydrate as put in drinks to knock people out. There was a Mickey Finn in this drink, wasn’t there?
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