Fill in the blanks

Fill in the blanks.

You can figure out the rest.; You can draw a conclusion from that. (Fixed order. See also fill something in.) Mary. What happened at Fred's house last night? Bill: There was a big fight, then the neighbors called the police. Mary: Then what happened? Bill: Fill in the blanks. What do you think? John: They had been lost for two days, then the wolves came, and the rest is history. Jane: Yes, I think I can fill in the blanks.
See also: blank, fill
References in classic literature ?
If I must tell more tales of Raffles, I can but back to our earliest days together, and fill in the blanks left by discretion in existing annals.
Setting up a narrative that enables prospects to fill in the blanks about how they would interact with these larger-than-life aspects of the property is a great way to illustrate the potential lifestyle at Epic, she adds.
Each of the ten units ends with a review section including matching, fill in the blanks, writing definitions and even a cross word puzzle.
If you have doubts about paperwork, let DA Pare 738-751, TAMMS-A, help fill in the blanks.
In ``A Lot Like Love,'' Amanda Peet and Ashton Kutcher fill in the blanks with a very palpable chemistry and dialogue that's much more intelligent than average.
As we fill in the blanks, our other opinions about how the world works come into play, and provide related clues for interpretation.
He never did fill in the blanks and ended up content only with Vollard's shirtfront.
We had loads of great entries for last week's competition on consequences when we asked you to fill in the blanks.
It took about four years to fill in the blanks about who these people were.
Highlight cells to format Choose Format, Conditional Formatting Fill in the blanks Click OK
It's strictly point, click and fill in the blanks," said Louis Bernstein, president.
Check out what drugs can do to the brain, then fill in the blanks in the box below.
The film's bare- bones screenplay doesn't explain what motivates Waters - or anyone else, for that matter - but Willis has enough screen presence and acting chops to fill in the blanks and the silences and give us a sense of the character's inner life.
Then, solve the clues below and fill in the blanks with the correct word(s).
Then fill in the blanks on the form and send it immediately to a printer or fax machine.