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fight (one's) way back to (something or some place)

1. To struggle or use force to return to some place, position, or thing. The party was so packed with people that I had to fight my way back to where my friends were talking. We had to fight our way through the crowd to board the train on time.
2. To struggle to return to some condition or state. The political candidate will have to fight her way back to the top of the polls. After a devastating civil war, the country has to fight its way back to a position of stability and prosperity.
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fight back

To act in one's self-defense, either verbally or physically. If that bully confronts you again, you need to fight back. They were tearing my story to shreds—I had to fight back!
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fight back (at someone or something)

to defend oneself against someone or something; to retaliate against someone or something. You are going to have to fight back at them. You can't expect us to defend you. It's hard for me to fight back against three of them by myself.
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Of that she was positive, and a brave little smile swimming up from her troubled heart, she set about, with much energy, to achieve order, valiantly fighting back her insistent tears as she worked.
Similar to what has happened in previous operation, the suspect was killed when allegedly fighting back against police officers who were conducting buy-bust operations.
 Wilking said it might probably have been adrenaline that led to her fighting back. 
"Fight Back UK is about fighting back against anything that has the power to pull us down - illness, abuse and daily life struggles like work, stress and depression."
But, Cook explains, fighting back will help in the long run.
Fortunately enough, it appears that David will suffer no long-lasting damage from the incident, but it is a painful reminder that fighting back can sometimes backfire badly if you become a target.
STANISLAS WAWRINKA kept alive his hopes of reaching the semi-finals at the ATP World Tour Finals by fighting back from a set down to defeat David Ferrer in London.
England is fighting back and it's good for the series."
After fighting back to full fitness, she suffered a prolapsed disc and was out for a further ten months.
NOVAK Djokovic avoided a huge upset by fighting back from two sets to love down against Italy's Andreas Seppi in the fourth round of the French Open yesterday afternoon.
The out-of sorts 22-year-old struggled to find her form all week and almost went out in the first round, fighting back from a set and 4-0 down against Alberta Brianti.
"If people were more aware of this and more understanding, it might make fighting back against MS that little bit easier."
Last night, he fought back against her fighting back, using our TribLive interview footage to take her on yet again.
He'd told me gang members usually attack new arrivals to see if they show heart by fighting back. Fighting back earns respect.
Bowing his head and fighting back the tears he said: "Er....can we...I'd rather just stop this if that's alright.