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Field Marshall Kimathi's often-quoted statement, "It is better to die on our feet than live on our knees for fear of colonial rule", seems to have inspired Mandela as he discarded diplomatic etiquette on that day.
Back in August, President Mursi replaced Field Marshall Tantawi with a younger defence minister, namely, General Abdul Fattah al-Sisi.
Already in the wake of Hindenburg's remarkable victory at Tannenberg in September 1914, journalists, politicians, and advertisers from across the political spectrum embraced the field marshall as the mythic embodiment of German strength and solidarity.
Abbas briefed Field Marshall Hussein Tantawi - who heads the military council in power since president Hosni Mubarak was ousted in February - on his recent trip to Doha.
Egyptian leader of the Higher Military Council Field Marshall Mohamad Hussain Tantawi met with Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani to head a joint-delegation in Cairo on Tuesday to discuss the development of the countries' bi-lateral relations, pan-Arab daily AL HAYAT reported on Wednesday.
PM Cameron with Field Marshall Mohammed Tantawi DAVID CAMERON flew into Cairo yesterday in the first visit by a world leader to Egypt since a popular uprising forced president Hosni Mubarak out of office 10 days ago.
A COLOSSAL bull called The Field Marshall has reaffirmed his title as the UK's biggest bullock, it emerged yesterday.
December, 13, 2008 a" The Dinka International Congress (DIC) urges the President of the Republic of Sudan, Field Marshall Omer Hassen El Bashir, to surrender himself to International Criminal Court (ICC) to face justice that awaits him.
His lifelong interest in the events of WWII led him to investigate a mystery that has perplexed historians for decades: inconsistent historical accounts about German Field Marshall Albert Kesselring and his role in the execution of American prisoners of war.
I suppose I had fancied myself the driver of a Field Marshall, and if I'm honest it was really just the deep bass single-cylinder "thump, thump" noise that made me want one so much.
Contents include films taken by Newsreel film collective, interviews with Field Marshall Donald Cox, footage from the 35th Anniversary Reunion, interviews with former FBI agents, footage from the Wheelock Academic Conference on the Black Panther Party, interviews with various movement lawyers discussing Panther cases, interviews with Newsreel members, DVD-ROM documents from the Roz Payne "Archives chronicling the movement and repression against it, and more.
To be victorious, the Allies had to defeat Germany's best military leader, Field Marshall Erwin Rommel and his vaunted Afrika Corps.
He is especially scathing about officers such as Field Marshall Keitel who were toadies of the Fuhrer although he is mildly kinder to Jodl than many other writers.
When it comes to decorations, only a field marshall could rival Cesar.
Field Marshall Montgomery looked particularly dashing with his cap covered in snow and Haig's monstrous horse in the middle of Whitehall was also enormously improved by the effect.