a fellow traveler

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a fellow traveler

Someone who identifies with or is sympathetic to the aims or ideology of a political movement or organization, but is not a formal or full member of it. Used especially in the 1950s in reference to those suspected of being communist sympathizers. In my grandfather's day, if someone accused you of being a fellow traveler, it was often to derail your career completely. Despite having a mark against him as a "fellow traveler," he still managed to remain at the Hollywood elite.
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a fellow traveller

A fellow traveller is someone who supports the aims of an organization but is not a member of it. Note: `Traveller' is spelled `traveler' in American English. Although something of a critical fellow traveller, Sampson was very interested in the party.
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fellow traveler

Someone sympathetic to the beliefs and activities of an organization but not a member of that group. The phrase originally applied to people in the early days of the Soviet Union who supported the Russian revolution and the Communist Party but were not members. Communism was popular among many American intellectuals during the 1930s and '40s, but following World War II, this country's attitude toward the Soviets changed in light of Stalin's purges and revelations of espionage. Accusations that Soviet sympathizers had infiltrated our government and military led to congressional investigations, and the phrase “fellow traveler” was used to label those accused of “un-American” activities or even just “Communist dupes.” Many such people found themselves blacklisted or otherwise persecuted. A rarely used vestige of the phrase now applies to anyone who agrees with any viewpoint or faction but does not publicly work for it. The Soviet Union named its early space satellites “Sputnik,” the Russian word for “fellow traveler.”
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Masters met many fellow travellers and hippies - Pau and the Cyber Seventy's Cafe are both well-known among the traveller community for their laid-back atmosphere.
Carr, a British Communist fellow traveller, who presented Stalin as a half-Asiatic maniac who distorted the noble work of Lenin and Bernstein, alias Trotsky.
To cut a long story short, my descriptions of Fellow Travellers proved plausible, and I was offered a Creative Wales award.
US tourists topped the list of fellow travellers to avoid in a poll of UK cruise passengers cruise website CruiseCritic.
Passengers consuming smelly food and those who read over your shoulder are also among those who put fellow travellers off.
Use it to find fellow travellers who have been there first, as well as tracking down relevant blogs, pictures and forum entries.
3, The personal hygiene of fellow travellers, according to a poll.
The crew will be less than pleased and you and your fellow travellers won't get any more bait.
Stranger on a Train', published by Virago Press, features the author's encounters with her fellow travellers in the smoking carriages of the trains on which she travels.
He and fellow travellers also narrowly missed a bomb attack in Casablanca, just avoided being caught up in military coup in Mauritania, became separated in the African bush, crashed one vehicle in the Mali desert and sold most of their belongings to pay off police.
Only anti-devolutionists and their fellow travellers want to go back to the old system of rubber-stamp government behind closed doors.
Sir, - Only this Government, and the fellow travellers of the BBC, full as they both are with Republican sympathisers, will fail to recognise the obscenity of Adams and McGuinness, standing in front of a mirror as they come to their long overdue, ground-breaking solution on disarmament, with the IRA Leadership.
Americans top the list of fellow travellers that Britons most want to avoid at sea, a survey by website company Cruise Critic found.
The Coventry Airport Disruptive Passenger Protocol has been put together to prevent disruptive passengers boarding aircraft and potentially endangering the safety of fellow travellers and crew members.
All the rest of the fellow travellers who marched in sympathy with Soviet foreign policy have left, and long gone.
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