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fare against (someone or something)

To perform or work well in comparison to someone or something else. I wonder how they will fare against the top-seeded team in the division.
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fare off

To get along; to fare in some way. Usually used in a comparison between two different situations or environments. I hope he fares off better in this new job than he did in his last one. The judge agreed that the defendant would fare off better in rehab than in prison.
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fare thee well

The highest degree; perfection. Wow, you really played that part to a fare thee well—I'm so impressed!
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fare up

To perform or work well in comparison to someone or something else. I wonder if they will fare up to the top-seeded team in the division.
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Lenten fare

1. Literally, food that does not contain meat and may therefore be served during the Christian observance of Lent. Mom is serving our usual Lenten fare of battered cod and boiled potatoes again tonight.
2. By extension, meager meals or rations, especially those that contain no meat. The stranded sailor survived for nearly three months on a Lenten fare of wild vegetables and fish caught with a rudimentary net.
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standard fare

A common occurrence. Smashed instruments are standard fare at a rock concert. Arguments are standard fare for the Smith family at Thanksgiving, believe me.
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to a fare-thee-well

1. To a state or condition of utmost perfection or completion. Her new house is absolutely gorgeous! They've designed it to a fare-thee-well.
2. To the greatest or furthest degree possible. After the economy crashed, the government began whittling down social welfare to a fare-thee-well. The home team trounced their opponents, beating them to a fare-thee-well.
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to a fare-thee-well

To the most extreme degree, especially a condition of perfection. For example, We've cleaned the house to a fare-thee-well, or He played the part of martyr to a fare-thee-well. This term first appeared as to a fare-you-well in the late 1800s, and the more archaic-sounding present form replaced it about 1940.
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to a fare-thee-well

to perfection; thoroughly. US
This expression is of late 18th-century American origin, and is also found in the form to a fare-you-well .
1911 R. D. Saunders Colonel Todhunter The fight's begun, and we've got to rally around old Bill Strickland to a fare-you-well.

Lenten fare

meagre rations that do not include meat.
Lenten fare is literally food appropriate to Lent , the Christian season of fasting between Ash Wednesday and Easter Saturday in commemoration of Jesus's forty days of fasting in the wilderness.
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fare against

To perform or function at a level comparable with that of something or someone else: I wonder how well the new car models fare against the old ones.
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fare up

To perform or function successfully at a level comparable with or equal to that of something or someone else; fare against: They worked hard to win the competition, but in the end they didn't fare up. My performance didn't fare up to that of the other players.
See also: fare, up
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Its president Abdul Fareed Abdul Gafoor said the Bar has consistently spoken out against touting and has actively pursued various means to eradicate this menace including lodging complaints with the Advocates and Solicitors Disciplinary Board against Bar members allegedly involved in touting.
Among the juniors, Fareed, from Egypt, outpaced debutant Richard Eyles to win the junior heat.
Abdul Fareed said Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Ahmad Faizal Azumu's claims that the state constitution and written law must express sanction to the Orang Asli customary or ancestral land before they are legally recognised is legally wrong.
Fareed Zakaria was in the meeting and there was a report sent to President George W.
Of particular interest is the book's discussion of the key players in two chapters, provocatively titled "The Challenger" and "The Ally," which betrays Fareed's abiding interest in the theme of great power politics.
Prior to joining, Fareed was managing director at Julius Baer (ZHR: BAER) where he started the Client Advisory Group.
Cherie called an ambulance to the family home in Hunton Road, Erdington, at 3.16pm on April 10 after she and mum Freda suspected Fareed had taken an overdose.
SEEING 3 DOUBLE Back row: Kennedy and, Mackenzie; Ali and Fareed; Madeleine and Emma.
Rana has set a up a small company just outside Faisalabad called Fareed Farmhouse, where he produces three varieties of tomato (cherry tomato, strawberry tomato, beef tomato), cucumber and capsicum.
"Fareed and Murad had their books in their backpacks and were going to the mosque.
"They waited for Mr Fareed to step out of the vehicle on foot and called the mobile phone to trigger the explosion.
Fareed Zakaria points out that Iran entered serious negotiations for an agreement on ending its nuclear program in summer of 2013.
Multan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI)'s President Fareed Mughis Sheikh has said that many textile mills and value-added sector units so far been closed due to non-availability of gas rendering thousands of workers jobless and he has condemned the government's indifferent attitude towards the Punjab-based textile industry, which has resulted into alarming decline in exports during November 2015 comparing with the corresponding period.
Fareed is also the head of the Egyptian Democratic Party, which was among the parties that rejected the National Dialogue Youth forum sponsored by President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi.
Asim Fareed, 51, of North Brunswick, New Jersey, operated an export business in Somerset, New Jersey.