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have a familiar ring

To sound like something one has heard before. I must have read this before—the words in the opening paragraph have a familiar ring to them.
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familiar with (someone or something)

Acquainted with or knowledgeable about someone or something. Yeah, I'm familiar with Bill, he seems like a good guy. I'm not familiar with that song—how's it go?
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*familiar with someone or something

to have a good knowledge of someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; become ~; get ~.) Are you familiar with changing a flat tire? I can't speak German fluently, but I'm somewhat familiar with the language.
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have a familiar ring (to it)

Fig. [for a story or an explanation] to sound familiar. Your excuse has a familiar ring. Have you done this before? This term paper has a familiar ring to it. I think it has been copied.
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have a familiar ring

Sound or seem as though one has already heard of something. For example, That story has a familiar ring; I'm sure I've read it before.
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have a familiar ˈring (about/to it)

sound familiar: His complaints have a familiar ring. Others have said exactly the same thing about our designs.The music in the movie had a familiar ring to it. I think it was Schumann.
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in a familiar way

mod. pregnant. (Euphemistic for in a family way.) Britney is in a familiar way, have you heard?
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IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, is providing a $25 million loan to Banco Familiar S.A.E.C.A.
This is IFCs first investment in Banco Familiar, and the first syndicated loan via IFCs B-lender program in Paraguay.
Banco Familiar provides services to a wide spectrum of clients, from retail to corporates.
IFC is very excited to partner with Banco Familiar, supporting the expansion of its business and the growth of MSMEs in Paraguay, said David Tinel, IFC Country Manager for Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.
This financing to Banco Familiar is part of IFCs strategic focus on supporting local financial markets to increase the development impact of IFCs investments.
Robin Briggs claims that 'the animal familiars or imps which appear in almost every well documented case [of witchcraft] quite clearly performed the role of the Devil'.
(53) This pamphlet is very clear in identifying familiars (or 'impes') as agents of a Devil keen to deceive mankind.
While both of these women sought demonic aid to injure and kill their neighbours' children, Cysley Selles allowed her two familiars (Hercules and Mercurue) to attack and terrorise her own young children.
(1) Elizabeth Francis, Mother Agnes Waterhouse, and Jone Waterhouse all confessed to possessing a familiar spirit whom they identified as 'Sathan'.
Sixteenth-century English witchcraft pamphlets show that the Devil was normally represented as a familiar spirit, otherwise known as a familiar, imp, or sprite.
Then there is the college student who, having trouble in his classes, consults a psychic who regresses him into a past life as a familiar. Though the reader is way ahead of the student in this tale, that is part of the joke.
According to this mode of analysis, the events that take place in Obando can certainly be interpreted as representative of a latent hostility against a colonial order sustained behind the facade of Christianity: devils, familiars and Spaniards are, after all, one in Seberina's consciousness.
She is a young woman aged twenty-two, otherwise historically unremarkable, illiterate, from a largely insignificant rural community, Obando, north of Malabon and west of Polo, in the province of Bulacan on the archipelago's principal island of Luzon, who, in 1808, is arraigned before an ecclesiastical court accused of associating with the Devil who appears to her in the form of a demonic familiar. The detailed transcripts of this case, that extend to nearly seventy closely hand-written pages, contain not only Seberina's compelling account of how she entered into compact with the Devil, but also the evidence of her neighbours and fellow villagers who sought to know the future or that which was hidden from them by currying favour with her familiar.
Charges accusing Seberina of consorting with a duende or demon familiar were laid before the vicario foraneo, the bishop's representative at the district level and the lowest level of the judicial structure in ecclesiastical matters, in the casa parroquial of Obando on 4 June 1808.(52) It was averred that her familiar was able to determine the identity of thieves, the whereabouts of lost items and other marvels during nightly gatherings held in the town and throughout the district.
After this, he appeared most days at sunset, telling her that he was a demon familiar and that his name was Isac.(55)
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