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1. The doctrine that the government should not be involved with nor controlling of businesses. The new president has vowed to take a position of laissez-faire to undo the overregulation of businesses practiced by the previous administration.
2. A stance or desire that one will not control or be involved with the actions of other people. It seems to be in vogue recently for parents to be laissez-faire with their children, allowing them total freedom without structure or discipline.


The ability to act appropriately or handle or respond to any social situation; tact. The phrase is French for "to know how to do." You could learn a lot about how to deal with people by studying the savoir-faire with which she moves around any room.

savoir ˈfaire

(from French, approving) the ability to behave in the appropriate way in certain situations: He was renowned throughout the diplomatic world for his savoir faire.
The meaning of the French phrase is ‘know how to do’.
See also: faire, savoir
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The one-day faire was free for community members to attend thanks to the sponsorship of Yahoo!, Pacific Aerospace & Electronics, Molina Healthcare, NCWLIFE, Wenatchee Valley Museum Maker Space, SCJ Alliance and Wenatchee Learns Connect.
We are excited to partner with Barnes & Noble as it launches its second annual Mini Maker Faire. This is an excellent way to introduce more communities across the country to the Maker Movement as they meet local and national Makers, participate in key product demonstrations, and enjoy fun Making activities, said Sherry Huss, co-founder of Maker Faire and Vice President of Maker Media.
Laura added, "The Ideator platform was and is the perfect partner for this endeavor and we hope that the relationship which began at Maker Faire San Diego will continue to generate many binational entrepreneurs from the San Diego-Tijuana communities."
C'est un investissement, certes, mais je prefere d'investir dans les rencontres, animer des dedicaces et des conferences que de faire des choses un peu plates.
"Je suis conscient que les stades algeriens sont depourvus de moyens modernes pour faire face a ce genre de situation, mais il y a des alternatives efficaces pour y remedier et qui, de surcroit, ne coutent pratiquement pas cher, comme le bachage de la pelouse", a preconise Medouar.
I found a "Country Faire" magazine, a "Country Faire Village" and even a "Country Faire Laundry."
Maker Faire could be the impetus for them to tap into their innate curiosity, and explore the resources Rochester has for makers.
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The Wenatchee Mini Maker Faire is actively seeking business and community members who are interested in sponsorship opportunities.
Principle of Colonel Sheer Khan Cadet College, Muhammad Amir and Director National book Foundation for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Murad Ali on Tuesday inaugurated the three-day book faire event in the college.
Available both as a DVD and via streaming on Vimeo, Faire: An American Renaissance is a documentary about the first, original Renaissance Faire, which took place in the Los Angeles area in 1963.
4 -- About 9,000 visitors came to the Maker Faire in Hannover at the beginning of July -- more than twice the number that came in the previous year.