would give your right arm for something/to do something

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give (one's) right arm

A figurative phrase that highlights one's interest in having something or eagerness to do something. A: "I'm going to the concert on Saturday!" B: "Aw man, I would give my right arm to have tickets to that!" I would give my right arm for your sister's gorgeous hair!
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would ˌgive your right ˈarm for something/to do something

(informal) want something very much: I’d give my right arm to own a horse like that.
See also: arm, give, right, something
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In a 2013 meta-analysis (12 studies, 1058 patients), during or after rewarming from hypothermia, the FPR was 0 (95% CI : 0.
1 shows minimally acceptable TPR values corresponding to various values of FPR on a target ROC line.
La principal funcion de los paramilitares era atacar a las bases sociales del FPR.
Also, as the reflex continues to activate when there is sensory input such as touch and tactile stimulation when we massage the pelvic area (where the iliopsoas resides), the underlying reaction of instability and danger ignites the FPR.
Em resumo, verificou-se que as aves que receberam apenas a adicao de 1,2% de FPR nao tiveram alteracao da funcao hepatica, pois as concentracoes sericas das enzimas AST, ALT e GGT nos frangos de corte alimentados com este farelo nao diferiram do CN aos 21 e 41 dias de idade.
LG contends that FPR addresses consumer concerns over blurry and flickering images, with glasses two to three times lighter than the previous bulky battery-charged eyewear that was required for 3D viewing.
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Los tutsis formaron el FPR (Frente Patriotico Ruandes), y el 1 de octubre de 1990 lanzan una ofensiva desde Uganda hacia Kigali.
FPR = number of false positives/ number of negative instances
FPR Series Centrifugal Pumps: Fristam's FPR centrifugal pumps save processors time and money with easy maintenance and reduced inventory.
FPR team owner Carl Fogarty said: "We were confident that, after a season of adapting to our triple, Chris would have been able to fulfil his potential and become a consistent front-runner next season on the FP1.
Providing the offeror an opportunity to submit additional items to the proposal after the RFP closing date would require the government to issue an FPR.
Family-centered care requires collaboration between health care providers and families and support of experiences like FPR that enhance unbiased information and family control (Eckle & MacLean, 2001).