would give your right arm for something/to do something

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give (one's) right arm

A figurative phrase that highlights one's interest in having something or eagerness to do something. A: "I'm going to the concert on Saturday!" B: "Aw man, I would give my right arm to have tickets to that!" I would give my right arm for your sister's gorgeous hair!
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would ˌgive your right ˈarm for something/to do something

(informal) want something very much: I’d give my right arm to own a horse like that.
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In the arrangement, Mukesh's-owned Africa Duty-Free Investments and Suzan buy gold on the street and deliver it for processing at FPR and another Central Bank-owned company, Aurex (Private) Limited, before exporting value-added jewelry.
The BS regularly monitors the network status and decides how many nodes are to be selected for re-encryption based on three parameters (the r emaining energy of the nodes on the routing path (REL), hop count distance between two current executive re-encryption nodes (HC), and false positive rate (FPR)) using a fuzzy logic system, as shown in Fig.
Tables A9-A12 showed the p values of two-sided Wilcoxon signed rank tests to evaluate if the median measures (Jaccard index, FPR, FNR, and bootstrap validation rate) are the same as those of each of the other 16 methods, respectively.
Figures 3(a) and 3(b) show the performance comparison results of different algorithms in terms of DA and FPR when only random faults occur.
This case highlights the clinical value of checking for and removing DNA adducts and calls attention to the need for further research into the possible roles of FPRs in neurodegenerative diseases.
First of all, we review fuzzy preference relation (FPR) introduced by Tanino [31].
In terms of performance evaluation metrics, good parameters give the high values of FOM, TPR, ACC, and their adjusted forms and lower values of FPR and MLD.
We calculated the performance in order to check the increase in FPRs and the change in FNRs while changing values of pval (p value threshold for filtering) for Contra, d (baseline probability) for Excavator, and min.spec (desired minimum specificity) for ExomeCNV, which seemed to be directly related to FPR.
Three meta-analyses, which were published in 2006 (5 studies, 237 patients), 2010 (25 studies, 2395 patients), and 2013 (12 studies, 778 patients),[sup][4],[5],[6] showed that there were no false predictions of poor outcomes for generalized suppression or burst suppression on electroencephalograph (EEG) within 72 h (FPR = 0, 95% CI : 0.00–0.24)[sup][5] (Evidence Class I).
Mobile software provider FutureProof Retail (FPR) has launched its mobile checkout application into the Canadian retail sector, the company said.
We write TPR [7] for the true-positive rate or sensitivity (the proportion of cases testing positive) and FPR for the false-positive rate or 1--specificity (the proportion of controls testing positive).
Food sold loose without packaging, in supermarkets, delis, cafes and restaurants, will also have to be clearly labelled fpr consumers.
The quality of widely used image segmentation methods such as Otsu's (Otsu, 1979), Hou's (Hou et al, 2006), Tsallis Entropy (Portes et al, 2004) were quantitatively evaluated by performance measures such as Misclassification Error (ME) measure, False Positive Rate (FPR) and False Negative Rate (FNR).
It's a vision of civic involvement and community that, at root, is summed up in one phrase: "Love thy neighbor as thyself." As Katherine Dalton, a senior editor for the Front Porch Republic (FPR), puts it: "Our love of country is a very little, very local thing.