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fucking old person

and FOP
n. an old person. (Usually objectionable.) I know who’s slowing traffic up ahead. A FOP, that’s who.
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Seventy-eight percent of respondents used FOPS at least sometimes, while 6.
The results from the analysis of variance of participants' ratings of FOPS characteristics are shown in Table 1.
The proliferation of FOPS has led to concerns about their reliability as sources of information to guide the selection of healthier foods (1,6).
Although the optimal front-of-pack rating system for encouraging consumers' healthy food choices has not been identified, the IOM has recommended the use of a single, standardized symbol over multiple FOPS to help consumers identify healthier foods (22).
The FOPS examined in this pilot study were threshold systems (traffic light, Health Check, and Smart Pick) and a system that repeats information from the Nutrition Facts table (Percent Daily Value).
The company will design, build, test and certify ROPS and FOPS for small Kubota tractors and passenger-carrying vehicles, up to and including large earth-moving machines and rock-drilling equipment.