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read the fucking FAQ

rude slang An exclamation of frustration and exasperation directed at someone who has asked a question or series of questions that have already been answered in an FAQ (a list of frequently asked questions) about the topic at hand. Would you stop asking such boneheaded questions and just read the fucking FAQ? You're wasting everyone's time. I'm not responding to such idiotic statements. Either read the fucking FAQ, or get the hell off our forum!
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An abbreviation for "frequently asked questions," referring to a list, often on a website, of common questions pertaining to the topic being discussed and answers to those questions. Go to the FAQ—that should tell you where we can park at the venue.


n. a list of frequently asked questions. (Particularly in the domain of computer use.) Is there a FAQ for this newsgroup.

Read the fucking FAQ!

exclam. & comp. abb. Simply read the information in the FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions. (Usually objectionable.) Don’t ask the group to explain everything just for you! RTFF!
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I've written FAQs for internet service providers, online libraries, giant web communities, and small personal websites.
You might be able to prepare one-off, specialized FAQs for local events or organizations.
You can also make some FAQs in the form of handouts for when you're doing outreach or to go along with a certain piece or technology.
Most popular CMSs have plug-ins for "knowledge management" or FAQs that can be adapted for your purposes.
When a FAQ file is chosen, the system iterates through the QA pairs in the file, comparing each against the user's question and computing a score.
As the example in figures 1 and 2 shows, interaction with FAQ FINDER OCCURS in a series of stages.
For the first stage of processing, FAQ FINDER uses standard information-retrieval technology, the public-domain SMART information-retrieval system (Buckley 1985), to perform the initial step of narrowing the focus to a small subset of the FAQ files.
The second stage of processing in FAQ FINDER is a question-matching process.
The FAQ is searchable by category and keyword and is available on the BEA Web site <www.
There are many more question-and-answers items in the FAQ service, which covers all aspects of BEA's statistics and services in an easy-to-use format.
Since it was launched in March 2006, the FAQ has become a valuable tool for users in need of quick answers about BEA's accounts.