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An abbreviation for "family" that can be used to refer to one's blood relatives or close friends. Despite the plural connotation of "family," it can also be applied to an individual. I'd love to go out tonight, but I'm having dinner with the fam—my mom's making her famous meatballs! Of course I'll help you, fam. You're my best friend!

whole fam damily

Everyone in one's family. A playful and deliberate misstatement of "whole damn family." Wow, your whole fam damily showed up to the school recital! Sure, bring the whole fam damily—why not?
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the whole fam damily

(...ˈfæm ˈdæmli)
n. the entire family. (A deliberate spoonerism for whole damn family.) The whole fam damily has had this virus. Yuck!
See also: damily, fam, whole
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Em relacao as caracteristicas fisicas observadas na elaboracao do macarrao padrao e do macarrao com 10% de FAM pode-se inferir que houve homogeneizacao mais rapida em torno de 7 minutos necessitando somente de 60mL de agua, enquanto o macarrao com 20% de FAM precisou de 100mL para perfeita homogeneizacao e levou em torno de 12 minutos para atingir o ponto viavel para o corte na maquina extrusora.
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Therefore, taking into account these findings, we decided to test FAM in arthritis induced by zymosan and to determine the potential antipsoriatic effect of local application of this mixture, in animal models that mimic some of acute inflammatory responses seen in both diseases (Gegout et al.
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