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extra pair of hands

Additional help or assistance provided by another person. I think we need to hire an extra pair of hands to help clean the house and mind the children.
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go the extra mile

To go beyond what is necessary or expected in order to please someone, achieve something, or get something done correctly. I have to say, our lawyer really went the extra mile in making sure every aspect of our case was watertight. Suzy always goes the extra mile to make my birthday special.
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go the extra mile

to try harder to please someone or to get the task done correctly; to do more than one is required to do to reach a goal. I like doing business with that company. They always go the extra mile. My teacher goes the extra mile to help us.
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go the extra mile

If you go the extra mile, you make a special effort to do or achieve something. The President is determined to go the extra mile for peace. I discovered that going the extra mile has always been a feature of successful people. Note: This expression is variable, for example people sometimes replace go with travel and mile with yard. We will travel the extra mile to arrive at peace. He will be remembered for his willingness to go the extra yard to help people.
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go the extra mile

be especially assiduous in your attempt to achieve something.
This origins of this expression can be traced back to the New Testament injunction ‘And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain’ (Matthew 5:41). The revue song of 1957 by Joyce Grenfell , ‘Ready…To go the extra mile’, may have popularized its use.
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go the ˌextra ˈmile (for somebody/something)

make a special effort to achieve something, help somebody, etc: Both sides involved in the fighting say they are willing to go the extra mile for peace.
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Many extras find work by getting themselves an agent.
Robert Altman's brilliant dystopian vision of Los Angeles includes a conversation with Altman and Tim Robbins, a full-length feature and other extras on two discs.
He's a natural fit for ``Stones' '' more colorful characters: Aisling, the cheerleading third assistant director; Mickey, the ancient former extra on ``The Quiet Man''; and even as the unfortunate Sean, whom we see at three ages.
Palmdale resident Tara McVeigh - whose mother, Frances Rini, and 8- year-old daughter Carina were also extras - was filmed eating fajitas at the terminal food court, sitting at a table next to Hanks.
98), which has some fun extras - including a where-are-they-now feature - to go along with the original (and still champ) frat-house romp.
98 on DVD) includes: ``The Meaning of Making 'The Meaning of Life'; ``Educational Tips to Prepare You for Life in the Real World''; ``Virtual Reunion - The Pythons Together Again''; ``What Fish Think: Go Into the Mind of Fish''; deleted scenes; alternate versions of songs; John Cleese's new trailer for the film and other extras.
A prime example is the new set, ``The Godfather Collection,'' which is comprised of all three ``Godfather'' films and an entire disc of behind-the-scene extras.
They are the extras, scrambling to make ends meet by playing the file clerks, homeless people, partygoers and other faces in the crowd that have made scenes look like real life since Hollywood began cranking out movies eight decades ago.
Yesterday afternoon at the Video Software Dealers Association's (VSDA) annual convention in Las Vegas, Hollywood studio executives gathered to discuss the future of DVD programming and extras.
Today at Internet Commerce Expo, AT&T launched a set of services, Extranet Extras, to enable companies to expand the reach and functionality of their extranets.
Hosting the call will be Extra Space Storage Chairman and CEO Kenneth M.
Prudential Real Estate Investors (PREI) announced today that it has reached an agreement to acquire Storage USA's assets from GE Commercial Finance, the business-to-business financial services unit of the General Electric Company (NYSE:GE), through a joint venture with Extra Space Storage Inc.