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Adam and Eve

slang To believe (something). The phrase comes from rhyming slang in which "Adam and Eve" rhymes with "believe." Primarily heard in UK. I can't Adam and Eve it—Bill and Sarah are finally getting married! Little Jimmy, a world-famous author. Cor, who'd have Adam and Eved it?
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Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve

A phrase that uses the Bible as the basis for discouraging homosexuality. I can't believe some people still make the argument "Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve" in today's day and age.
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Eve's custom house

obsolete The vagina. The phrase refers to the Biblical Eve. Sir, Eve's custom house is closed. I am a lady, you know.
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on the eve of (something)

Immediately prior to something; just before something. Sometimes literally meaning "on the evening before (something)." Militants attacked the embassy on the eve of the anniversary of the historic peace agreement. She got cold feet on the eve of her wedding and got on a plane to Europe.
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Would you Adam and Eve it?

slang Would you believe it? The phrase comes from rhyming slang in which "Adam and Eve" rhymes with "believe." Primarily heard in UK. Would you Adam and Eve it? Bill and Sarah are finally getting married!
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on the eve of something

Fig. just before something, possibly the evening before something. John decided to leave school on the eve of his graduation. The team held a party on the eve of the tournament.
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on the eve of

Just prior to, as in On the eve of the conference the main speaker backed out. This expression uses eve, literally "the night before," more loosely. [Late 1700s]
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They are an idea whose time has come," said Eves. "I'm making Northern Ontario a beach head for this initiative because I believe that communities throughout Northern Ontario should be a places where people can find economic success and remain throughout their lives to enjoy the advantages that the North has to offer."
"People have an incredibly deep cultural link with wildlife in Africa," Eves says.
The first section comes closest, beginning with an analysis of the sociological conditions of Israelite life that Genesis 1-5 portrayed, followed by discussions tracing the depiction of Eve in rabbinic materials such as The Apocalypse of Moses, various works of the Pseudepigrapha and the Apocrypha, the Midrash Rabba, the Mishnah, and the Talmud.
His total commitment, whole-hearted approach and a Press campaign weren't enough, and when Eves signed for Coventry it was an admission that he would never play for the senior England side and was looking towards the future.
But after learning from one tracker Eves had followed him during a "cash collection" in Formby gym fanatic Mr Bassnett decided he needed more hi-tech monitoring to keep Eves at bay, prosecutor Ian Unsworth QC said.
After the killing, the court heard regular mobile phone user Eves stopped using his many handsets and nine days later flew from Manchester to Tenerife on New Year's Eve with friends.
Ian Unsworth QC, prosecuting, asked whether Eves could remember being at East Damwood Road later that night or if he was just assuming that was where he was.
Eves played in the final against Nottingham Forest, having scored in the second leg of the semi-final victory against Swindon.
The original theatrical trailer, available as a special feature on the 20th Century Fox DVD package, maintains the film is "all about women, and their men." Movie-house posters show three couples walking hand-in-hand: Margo and Bill, Karen and Lloyd, and Eve and Addison.
The women writers examined here have begun to re-imagine the Genesis creation myths, correct misinterpretations, and change the point of view so that "the drama of history," as Phillips calls it, will likewise change, so that "our reality can be narrated," in Le Guin's words, (55) and we can all, male and female attain "spiritual wholeness." (56) Their presentations of Eve display the strength and self-knowledge that many women, like Plaskow and Christ, found lacking in the works they studied in the 1970's, and demonstrate that women have begun to reclaim the heritage of their faith and to find in them a source of source of stregnth and encouragement in their own personal spiritual journeys.
Augustine distinguishes Eve's motive for disobeying God's command from Adam's, and by ascribing the greater evil to Eve, constructs a hierarchical relationship between Eve and Adam that surfaces in his writings more generally as the expression of man's superiority over woman.
The events of the book's ending magnify the story of the death of Eve's mother, recounted briefly at the beginning of the novel.
After Jack (Matthew Ashford) died and Eve (Kassie DePaiva) came back to Salem for the first time, the hate she and J.J.