everything's coming up roses

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everything's coming up roses

Recent events have been especially positive or beneficial; everything is going especially well. Wow, everything's coming up roses for me lately—I got the job I wanted and had a wonderful birthday celebration.
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Everything's coming up roses.

Fig. Everything is really just excellent. Life is prosperous. Life is wonderful. Everything is coming up roses. Q: How are things going? A: Everything's coming up roses.
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everything is coming up roses

If you say that everything is coming up roses for someone, you mean that they are having a lot of success. For Rachel Ashwell, everything's coming up roses both in her home and her working life. Earlier this year, everything was coming up roses for the band. Their album was selling well and their British tour was a virtual sell-out. Note: This was the title of a song from the musical `Gypsy' (1959), with words by Stephen Sondheim.
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everything’s coming up ˈroses

(informal) everything is happening as well as or better than you hoped: She’s had an unhappy time recently but everything seems to be coming up roses for her now.
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