Even a worm will turn

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(even) a worm will turn

proverb Even quiet, submissive people will get angry if you continually agitate them. Sweet little Janine is going to snap at you if you keep bugging her—even a worm will turn sometimes. I'm not convinced that the dictator will be able to stay in power for much longer—even a worm will turn, you know. Yes, regrettably, I used to scream at my employees over every little thing, until I realized how many of them were resigning so as to not have to deal with me. It really made it clear that a worm will turn.
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Even a worm will turn.

Prov. Even a meek person will become angry if you abuse him or her too much. You'd better stop maltreating Amy. She's a mild-mannered woman, but even a worm will turn.
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