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the Fourth Estate

The people and organizations that report the news, or news journalism as a whole, regarded as having palpable but unofficial political influence. One must never forget the sway held by members of the Fourth Estate—if we want public support, then we need the press on our side.
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the fourth estate

the press; the profession of journalism.
The three traditional Estates of the Realm (the Crown, the House of Lords, and the House of Commons) are now viewed as having been joined by the press, which is regarded as having equal power. As early as 1843 Lord Macaulay stated: ‘The gallery in which the reporters sit has become a fourth estate of the realm’.
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wheel estate

n. a mobile home or RV. His wheel estate includes two cars, a motor home, and a couple of bicycles.
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The knowledge of Sir Percival's affairs which I had necessarily gained when the provisions of the deed on HIS side were submitted in due course to my examination, had but too plainly informed me that the debts on his estate were enormous, and that his income, though nominally a large one, was virtually, for a man in his position, next to nothing.
Obviously, Treaty provisions can provide significant relief to estates subject to tax in the U.
Normally, income tax treaties are not part of an estate planner's toolkit.
Stephen Bellwood began his career in the commercial real estate business in January of 1999 at GVA Grimley International Property Advisors in London, UK as an Associate in the City Agency Group.
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According to marketing and research organization Limra International, survivorship sales rose 19% in 2004, the fourth year that a 2001 law has been lowering estate tax rates and raising amounts of family assets exempt from estate taxation.
Why the positive trend even as current law phases out the estate tax over the next five years to a full but single-year repeal in 2010, and as Congress this spring--for the fourth consecutive year--considers permanent repeal?
One of the more significant provisions of the 2001 Tax Act was the repeal of the federal estate tax in 2010.
Their combined estates are large enough to require them to pay estate taxes, but each spouse has insufficient separate assets--other than retirement benefits--to fund a bypass trust that could minimize or eliminate the tax bill.
Here's how to protect you and your heirs through wills, trusts and estate tax planning.
However, the value of the N trusts was not included in L's gross estate on the Federal estate tax return.
Annual insurance costs, therefore, are less than for single-life coverage, and the product is well-suited for passing the estates of married couples to the next generation.
Under the current laws, estates worth more than $675,000 (going up to $1 million in 2006) are subject to estate taxes, starting at 37 percent.
As president of Allee King Rosen & Fleming, which she co-founded in 1981 in mid-career, her assignments reflect a veritable "who's who" of sites and organizations: 42nd Street Redevelopment Project; the Coliseum site; Atlantic Terminal and Brooklyn Center; West Haven Urban Renewal Area near Yankee Stadium; Route 9A reconstruction; LIRR East Side Access Project; Belt Parkway bridges reconstruction; Queens Subway Options Study; Tuxedo Park Estates in Orange, NY; Culloden Point on Block Island Sound -- among many others.
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