end of story

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end of story

A phrase used to end a conversation or topic of discussion, especially when one wants to discourage debate. I didn't do anything wrong here, OK? End of story. Don't try to defend him. He's just a loudmouth, end of story.
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End of Story.

Inf. That completes the story, and I will say no more. I did it because I wanted to. End of story.
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end of story

used to emphasize that there is nothing more to add on the subject just mentioned. informal
1998 Times Parents are role models. Foot-ballers are picked for teams because they are good at football. End of story.
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end of ˈstory

(spoken) used when you are stating that there is nothing more that can be said or done about something: Look, I told you I can’t give you a job here. End of story.
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These draws, in particular the 0-0's where we couldn't break down sides proved vital, end of story. This is what we have to eliminate to make that final and hardest step.
I think people should stop harping on about the Tees Valley and remember that we all live by the River Tees and that makes us Teesside, end of story.
end of story. It had nothing to do with the 10 percent bid.
And when asked about the senior post, Kiely replied: "The U21s are my primary focus at this point in time, end of story.
End of story. Mind you, seasoned Godbelievers will claim the greatest Christian act came from former champion jumps jockey Richard Pitman (470 winners and now knocking 70) who, was so touched that a dying friend was saved by a kidney transplant that he donated his own to a total stranger Richard knows horses, not holy writ - but his gift tells us that there is no need for religious fights.
Its statement came after Prime Minister David Cameron described Moat as "a callous murderer, full stop, end of story", and added: "I cannot understand any wave, however small, of public sympathy for this man".
Talk of a betting scam is nonsense (a handful of lucky punters won a few quid - end of story) and I hope the controversy doesn't affect the Hawick players as they go into this afternoon's East of Scotland League match against Stirling University.
Life in prison should mean just that, end of story.
"It wasn't a penalty - end of story. The referee cost us the game - end of story."
End of Story is a major new project from the BBC and has lined up Joanne Harris, Marian Keyes, Ed McBain, Ian Rankin, Fay Weldon, Alexei Sayle, Shaun Hutson and Sue Townsend to write the first half of a short story.
End of story. And we all know it wouldn't have been quite the same if Susan had left Lester for a man 20 years younger.
If they are guilty, put them behind bars, end of story.
The trainer claimed: "Ali was the best heavyweight but Floyd is the greatest fighter - end of story.
Joe will win - end of story. That was the blunt fighting talk from Joe Calzaghe's dad Enzo today as Cardiff geared up to stage the fight of the millennium.
Villa boss David O'Leary felt his side had enough opportunities to have won the game: "We should have won the game, end of story