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Bumfuck, Egypt

rude slang A non-specific distant place. What, is this place in Bumfuck, Egypt? Are we ever going to get there?
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corn in Egypt

An abundance of something. This phrase is Biblical in origin. When I was looking for art supplies, I found corn in Egypt in Maisie's craft room.
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corn in Egypt

a plentiful supply.
This expression comes from the aged Jacob's instructions to his sons in Genesis 42:2: ‘Behold, I have heard that there is corn in Egypt: get you down thither, and buy for us from thence’.
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butt-fucking Egypt

and BFE
n. a place that is very far away. (Usually objectionable.) My brother lives out in butt-fucking Egypt somewhere. Gotta be somewhere in BFE at noon, and I ain’t even left yet.
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Egypt is truly a vast, open-air museum, with recorded history stretching back to 3350 BC.
But the Chronicler does show that these neighbors were no strangers to one another, that genealogically at least their territories were related to one another (through Canaan the son of Ham), that God could use an Egyptian as his agent of judgment (Shishak) or as his mouthpiece (Neco), and that Egypt and Israel were economically dependent on one another (Solomon's trading with Egypt).
It was the hardest green gemstone available to them and it also had the added mystic of coming from fabled Egypt.
No doubt, elections in Mubarak's Egypt are utilized to recruit into the regime's clientelist system of control parties other than the President"s own "ruling" party.
Egypt -- with its crocodiles, gods, and head-shaven priests,
Liquidity has been tight in Egypt, and the situation has taken its toll on, local businesses According to the Middle East Capital Group, the number of small to midsize firms that went bankrupt increased 54% between July 1999 and January 2000.
And with 10 years of experience at Disney and a partner like Steven Spielberg, Katzenberg came to The Prince of Egypt with a kit of movie magic tricks that would put Houdini to shame.
heart surgeon Adel Matar's return to Egypt to perform several sophisticated operations and participate in medical conferences and, the arrival of the new Boeing 737-500 for the national airline, Egypt Air.
Company profiles of leading developers in the real estate market in Egypt
Cooperation between Egypt and Chad reached its height in December 2014, when Al-Sisi received his Chadian counterpart, Idriss Deby, in Cairo, asserting that Egypt is keen on helping to train Chadian calipers in accordance with Chad's needs and priorities, through Al-Azhar or the Egyptian Agency of Partnership for Development (EAPD).
Al Sager said: "The rebranding of NBK's subsidiary in Egypt comes in tandem with the bank's strategy to strengthen its presence in Egypt and reflects our increasing confidence in the Egyptian economy.
Saudi Ambassador to Cairo, Ahmed Qattan, confirmed the report saying the Kingdom signed an agreement with Egypt to provide $500 million to support its various economic sectors and $1 billion to deposit in the Egyptian Central Bank.
com)-- Egypt Yellow Pages Ltd, the Local Search Company, is celebrating 20 years of service in Egypt.
Damac's Chairman, Hussain Sajwani, has brought the ICSID claim against Egypt under the bilateral investment treaty between the UAE and Egypt, which protects investments made by UAE nationals in Egypt.
Saudi Arabia's Efforts to Bring Syria and Egypt Closer not Promising