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dead-tree edition

A copy of a written work printed on paper (i.e., the product of "dead" trees), especially that which is also available in a digital format. With everything available online these days, it's a wonder anyone would pay for the dead-tree edition.
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bulldog edition

The first edition of a daily newspaper. This is the bulldog edition, so it was probably published before the game ended late last night.
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bulldog edition

n. the first edition of a newspaper edition to hit the streets. The story appeared in the bulldog edition, but it was all wrong.
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The later-dated editions had progressively more breaks.
Each of these new scholarly editions contributes to the growing body of published primary sources by and about European women and their status in the Renaissance.
Holland Berkley -- Fine Art Editions - MAC Fine Art
Some of the editions put out for Byrd were probably not commercially viable, and some were assuredly printed with very particular markets in mind.
In this useful monograph Venier investigates the history of Vergil's text (Bucolics, Georgics, Aeneid) as it was transmitted in the first fifty years of printed editions from Bussi's editio princeps (Rome [1469]) down to the fourth Aldine edition (Venice [1519]).
As they note, Ware's edition, with its "regularized" spelling and punctuation (xxv), was used by all subsequent readers until the publication of the two major twentieth-century composite editions.
Three new or revised one-volume editions of Shakespeare have appeared in 1997.
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