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J. Edgar

slang The police. (J. Edgar Hoover was director of the FBI in the early 20th century). Primarily heard in US. Our community gets nothing but harassment from J. Edgar in this city.
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J. Edgar (Hoover)

(ˈdʒe ˈɛdgɚ (ˈhuvɚ))
n. the police; federal officers. (Underworld.) Max got out of town when he heard that the J. Edgars were on his tail.
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J. Edgar

See also: Edgar
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We also have yet to deal with the hyperbolic evocation of sympathy, for if Edgar wants compassion, or if Brown wants to simply describe a state of mind, either could have been accomplished without the excessive, anxious insistence on sympathy.
Edgar further admitted phoning another former partner repeatedly the same day, shouting insults at her and threatening to burn down her house.
Critique: This angelic wisdom developed by Edgar Cayce is shared alongside real-life angelic testimonies in "Edgar Cayce on Angels and the Angelic Forces", the latest metaphysical study of the man and his work by Kevin Todeschi who has spent many years in the study and service of this remarkable man.
When Jackie was about 15 years old, during one Saturday evening in the month of January, Edgar took advantage of Doray's absence as he embraced Jackie, poked a knife at her neck and warned her not to shout.
Edgar became violent for the past days, according to SPO1 Ananias Milar of Pilar Police Station.
Headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, Dale Edgar Brand has provided NASC certified hip and joint and calming supplements since 2010.
Additionally, Governor Edgar will speak to students in Millikin's American Political Behavior course on Sept.
Paisley Sheriff Court heard Chief Inspector Martin Gallagher was attending a meeting at the local authority offices when Edgar began acting out aggressively in front of his accomplices.
Edgar was painting in a shop where Thelma was working at the time.
SEC Chairman Jay Clayton announced earlier this year that EDGAR had been hacked in 2016.
Whitley took just 19 seconds to get on the scoresheet, with Shaun Kippin tapping home following some eye-catching interplay between Dean Holland and Edgar.
A sheriff yesterday issued a one-year anti-harassment order banning Wendy Edgar from approaching or contacting the woman.
Virginia Beach, VA, August 17, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Longtime friends and champions of the Edgar Cayce work, Sidney and Nancy Kirkpatrick are joining Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.
Edgar Brim was raised by a father who believed the monsters he read of in stories were real.