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J. Edgar (Hoover)

(ˈdʒe ˈɛdgɚ (ˈhuvɚ))
n. the police; federal officers. (Underworld.) Max got out of town when he heard that the J. Edgars were on his tail.
See also: Edgar, hoover

J. Edgar

See also: Edgar
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Comprehensive data sets -- All SEC EDGAR filings, current and historic filings dating back to 1994 are available; this includes access to 400-plus electronically filed forms, international filers and notices of paper submissions.
Although the legatees did not ask for consideration in exchange for their renunciations, each was induced to execute the disclaimer; they felt they should do what Edgar Monroe wanted them to do.
To receive future EDGAR Online news announcements via e-mail, please contact the Company's Investor Relations Director, Mike Frank, at (212) 457-8231 or mfrank@edgar-online.
written by Tarzan creator Edgar Rice Burroughs in 1927.
EDGAR is arguably the biggest change in the way the SEC conducts its business since its formation, and yet Corporate America is largely unprepared for electronic filing.
Previously, EDGAR access on the SEC site had several limitations: searching was underpowered, there were few output options, and documents were not available until the day after being submitted.
Eventually, when valuation of the painting goes above $40,000, Isabel pleads with Uncle Edgar, pointing out ``the total wickedness of the Persands' ignoring that it was in our family, that it belongs to more people than Roxy, that it means a lot to us and nothing to them, and so on.
Edgar, a Republican who hadn't overturned a death sentence in five years in office, said the facts of Garcia's crime didn't justify her execution.
Increase in corporate customers--The addition of FIS's corporate customer base will enable EDGAR Online to reach its stated revenue mix objective 1 year ahead of schedule.
The interactive data provided by our I-Metrix solution not only democratizes access to financial information, it potentially helps more analysts cover more companies, thereby benefiting all investors out there managing their own portfolios," said Susan Strausberg, CEO of EDGAR Online.
We wanted another way to expose tomorrow's knowledge workers to EDGAR Online," said Jay Sears, vice president of marketing and business development for EDGAR Online, Inc.
Nasdaq: EDGR), announced today that it won CODiE Awards from the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) for two of its leading products: "Best Online Professional Financial Information Service" for EDGAR Online's I-Metrix Professional service and "Best Online Business Information Service: Non-News" for EDGAR Pro.
He also knew 10-Ks were mandatory SEC filings, and that as of May 6, 1996, under the EDGAR program, all publicly held companies are required to file everything electronically.
Cartesis 10, the First Performance Management Suite to Integrate with EDGAR Online I-Metrix Database of Public Company Financials
We're encouraged by the SEC's continued support of XBRL and interactive data in public company financial reports," said Susan Strausberg, CEO of EDGAR Online.