Earth to (someone)

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Earth to (someone)

A phrase used when one is trying to get someone else's attention. A humorous allusion to trying to contact someone who is in outer space. Hey, Earth to Caitlin! Did you hear anything I just said?
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earth to someone

People say earth to someone if that person is not paying attention or if they are acting strangely. `Hello! Earth to Stella!' said Lori incredulously. ` You so need to get your eyes tested.' Hello? Earth to Holly? Are you still there or am I talking to myself? Note: This expression is used humorously. Note: This expression comes from science fiction movies showing people on earth sending messages to people in space.
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Earth to someone

phr. Hello someone, are you listening? (A means of getting the attention of someone who is ignoring you or who is daydreaming. As if one were on the earth, trying to contact someone in a spaceship. The implication is that the person being addressed is spacy.) Earth to Mom! Earth to Mom! What’s for dinner?
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"Being from outer space, Sun Ra was afraid neither of electrons nor electricity and so was one of the first musicians on Earth to us an electric keyboard," Raschka writes.
'There is no advantage on earth to us belonging to the FAW unless the FAW accepts us as belonging to them, not just by name, but by deed.
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