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this is the Earl Politian, Earl Of Leicester in Great Britain.
Most welcome To Rome and to our palace, Earl Politian
You surely were mistaken in what you said Of the Earl, mirthful, indeed
Outside, the earl had seized his daughter by the wrist and was administering a paternal cross-examination.
If he wants to leave this castle,' said the earl, grimly, 'he'll have to.
Small-talk, it seemed, was not an art cultivated in any great measure by the lower orders in the employment of Earl Dorm.
But they resolved also to hide the truth from the Earl.
MAKING HISTORY: Thomas Stanley, the first Earl of Derby in 1485 REMARKABLE: A portrait of Edward Smith Stanley, the 13th Earl of Derby who created his own menagerie in the 19th century License granted courtesy of the Rt Hon The Earl of Derby MAGNIFICENT: Knowsley Hall, ancestral home of the Earls of Derby NEVER MIND: Visitors remain cheerful despite finding themselves in the breakdown lane CHEEKY MONKEY: Stanley the baboon tries to steal some cake meant for all the monkeys REMEMBER WHEN: How the Liverpool ECHO reported the opening of Knowsley Safari Park BEST PALS: A charming 1974 snapshot of an elephant and a rhino who became friends at the Safari Park
The big news and talking point at this year's Business Travel Show at Olympia, and parallel Travel Technology Exhibition last week were not the shows themselves, but that they are both to relocate to Earls Court Two in 2007.
Earls may not be as common as Johns or Joes, but the name will start to gain in popularity as a result of the new NBC comedy series, "My Name is Earl", which has just started its first season in the UK on Channel 4.
Three Percy Earls were killed in battle, two were executed and two murdered.
This earl was the one who, as every Irish school-child knew, had escaped the vengeance of King Henry VIII (who decided upon the destruction of the great house of the Fitzgeralds, earls of Kildare, after the rebellion of "Silken" Thomas of 1534-36) only because he, as an infant, had been passed from on e noble house in Ireland to another until he was in 1537 whisked by a kindly aunt to the safety of Catholic Europe.
If you find yourself being marched to the school bathroom next fall with a plastic cup in your hand, don't blame Lindsay Earls.
Gregory Earls, Chairman and CEO of the Company stated that, "We are disappointed, but the bank financing commitment which we previously received was simply too expensive.
But if one cocked an ear, he could hear Mike Earls playing his heart out on his acoustic bass.