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raison d'être

The fundamental reason for something or someone to exist; the sole or most important purpose for someone or something. (From French, literally "reason for being.") I know it's something of a cliché, but my children really are my raison d'être. We've always prized serious social commentary as our magazine's raison d'être.
See also: raison

his, your, etc. ˌraison ˈd’être

/%reIzQ~ "detr@; American English %reIzoUn/ (from French) the most important reason for somebody’s/something’s existence: Work seems to be her sole raison d’être.
The meaning of the French phrase is ‘reason for being’.
See also: raison
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Founded in 2012 and based in New York, ETRE Financial is a real estate financial services and information technology company focused on facilitating the public listing of individual real estate assets to improve access, liquidity and transparency in commercial real estate.
Along with Sweden's leading VC firms, there are 20 innovative Swedish companies at ETRE.
ETRE does the filing and registration and manages the stock listing, although an investment bank is still needed to distribute the shares.
We are thrilled to have partners like ETRE that have focused on a sector specific platform to allow both retail and institutional investors to create diversified portfolios within the real estate market through the simplicity of listed equities," added Roman Zhukov, President and CEO of ETNA.
23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- ETRE Financial, LLC ("ETRE"), a real estate financial services and technology company, today announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind exchange-traded real estate platform for investing in shares of individual commercial real estate assets and portfolio REITs listed on national exchanges.
ETRE 2006 also features an enjoyable spouse program centered around daily guided tours and mini-trips that showcase the wonder and splendor that is Barcelona.
ETRE consistently attracts scores of top executives from leading companies worldwide because we expose them to the latest trends and developments across the IT arena," said Alex Vieux, chairman and CEO of DASAR, and founder of ETRE.
Traditional speakers at ETRE conferences include Bill Gates (Microsoft), Michael Dell (Dell), Ben Verwaayen (British Telecom), Larry Ellison (Oracle), Hasso Plattner (SAP) and Scott McNealy (Sun).
host of the annual ETRE conference shaping the future of technology for over 12 years, today announced the first round of keynote speakers and roundtable leaders for ETRE 2002, to be held this October 6-9 in Seville, Spain.
ETRE is one of the technology industry's premier networking events, giving key newsmakers, venture capitalists, promising entrepreneurs and leaders of the world's biggest information technology companies a global opportunity to meet and exchange ideas.
host of the 12th annual ETRE conference today announced it will be honoring the Newcomer and Executive of the Year with awards at ETRE 2001 in Rome.
The initiative, announced here at the European technology conference ETRE 2000, is an Internet-based alternative for Documentary Letters of Credit, designed to provide fast, simple, cash-backed transactions completely online.
Each year ETRE provides a place where CEOs, Presidents and Chairmen from every facet of global IT can gather to exchange information and discover new technologies.
This is the second year ETRE has selected Warms to be a principal speaker.
ETRE will provide the opportunity for some of these innovative startups to move forward in the wake of the Internet revolution.