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eco freak

and eco nut (ˈiko frik and ˈiko nət)
n. someone with strong concerns about the environment and conservation. (Mildly derogatory. From ecology.) They call me an eco freak, which is okay by me. The eco freaks are protesting the tree trimming.
See also: eco, freak

eco nut

See also: eco, nut
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Founded in 1967 by a Greek immigrant, ECOS manufactures over 200 cleaning products at four facilities that are carbon neutral, water neutral, and Platinum Zero Waste certified.
ECOS has experienced significant growth in readership and demand for its internet content both in Australia and internationally, while print readership is reducing.
The ECOS online archive now extends back to the first issue, in 1974, representing over 5000 articles in a unique and valuable 37-year historical spectrum of environmental reporting on which to draw; ECOS can remain accessible free-of-charge thanks to CSIRO support.
Therefore, after July 2011 ECOS will only be available online, and subscriptions are no longer being sold.
Anyone interested in receiving alerts regarding ECOS research should e-mail members@beaconequity.
At present, ECOS is developing 16 projects in China and Vietnam.
VIENNA, Austria & Munich, Germany -- After a private equity syndicate, including the lead investors ECOS and S-UBG Bayer, invested a total of EUR 2.
According to statements made by Hans-Juergen Schmitz, Director of ECOS, Biomax has developed according to plan in the last business year.
MARTINSRIED, Germany -- A consortium of venture capital companies, including BayBG, ECOS and S-UBG Bayern, have invested a total of EUR 2.
Biomax's clear strategic position, which is excellently aligned for the future market and long-term customer relations with the life science, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, was persuasive," stated Hans-Juergen Schmitz, executive officer of ECOS, as the reason for the venture capital consortium's commitment.